English Cocker Spaniel, breed of dog

Photos, description, dog breeds English Cocker Spaniel, characteristic for cultivation and maintenance of the house

Photos, description, dog breeds English Cocker Spaniel, characteristic for cultivation and maintenance of the house

Representatives of the dog breed English Cocker Spaniels are very elegant species, which have a high level of endurance sports show good quality and are popular in all continents.

All lines spaniels, the same number and kind of provided evolved from dogs that resembled spaniels, but the place of Spain, so called Spanish long-haired dogs. At first, their imported on the territory of Great Britain, and later began to use as a basis for creating a new generation of dogs. After removing most of the first representatives of the spaniels, a lot of years, all the dogs lived and distributed as a single line, but several centuries thereafter, cocker spaniels began to be distinguished by various features of exterior characteristics, so when and under what circumstances were English Cocker Spaniel is unknown, and It is almost impossible to find.

Consider external features that distinguish pets from other subgroups. Medium sized body with big strong shoulders and a massive neck. The average pet has increasing from 35 cm to 45 cm and weighs about 15 kilograms. The head part of the rectangular form, gently placed on it long enough ears that hang down smoothly, nose rather large and strong jaw. Looking into the eyes, it seems that dogs are friendly and smart, and think they have a piercing. Tails pets are often too long, so in need of relieving, only the process is best left to these professionals. Hairs are long enough, especially long woolen cover stands at extremities. Themselves as dogs paws somewhat rounded and very durable. The colors in the rock wool meet diverse. Due to the fact that for many centuries the breed continuously mixed, the coat color are solid or multicolored. Under the conditions of a monochromatic color, on the chest should be small spots are often white.

With regard to the disposition of the characteristic representatives of the English cocker spaniels, dogs quite peaceful and sociable. His kindness and tenderness they win the hearts of the owners, well go on contact and well find a common language with the children. As a pet, pets have devotion and obedience, so that they can learn a lot. By purchasing the representatives of this species, it is worth noting that in self-education of dogs, in any case can not demonstrate aggression or violence, because the animals are gentle and calm disposition of character and hard training methods can they scare in the future appear on their permanent depression.

The initial goal of breeding is to purchase a hunting assistant and specialized dog for woodcocks. The word “Woodcock” in English sounds like “Woodcock” or simply “cook” the same word we can observe in the official title of the variety. Despite the fact that in modern hunting qualities that are inherent in a variety of birth, used less frequently include pets as pets decorative direction. Due to the appearance of dogs are very common and loved by many dog ​​lovers.

Widespread representatives of English Cocker Spaniels directly says that a rare species they are not, but as far as their value is respected and valued dogs, treating them at a high level.

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