Bouvier des Ardennes, dog breed

Photos, description dog breed Bouvier des Ardennes, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description dog breed Bouvier des Ardennes, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Externally, the breed Bouvier des Ardennes is not very conformation characteristics, but if the owner needs a loyal assistant and faithful friend, you can buy with confidence like dogs.

The history of the breed origin begins in the first half of the 20th century. The area, which created a wonderful creation, bears the name of Arden, it is a small town that is located on the territory of Europe, namely – near the borders of Belgium and France. The founders were represented by varieties of their distant ancestors – the Berger Picard.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the breed. Pets have an elegant and graceful physique. There are animals with dark gray, red, brown, or piebald colorings wool cover. Suits are among the variety often vary, so the colors shown are the most common. Hairs themselves are very stiff and bushy. The average pet has increasing from 55 cm to 65 cm and weighs about 25 kg. Ears of medium size dogs, erect and sharp endings differ. Eyes fairly large, expressive, dark shades of all parts. body design quite powerful and massive. For variations inherent in the complete or partial absence of a tail, and when the puppies are born with a tail, his cropped.

Most characteristic of the manners of dogs compared to their conformation features, because, like the appearance of the character they are not very pleasant. Pets quite unwelcoming to strangers are aggressive, showing all the bad qualities. Even their owners are not able to fully contain the dogs under control, because they are very naughty and not accustomed to someone they commanded. Train such dogs as useless. If we talk about how pets behave with the owners, then their behavior is surprisingly adequate, more soft and gentle. Adaptable and attached to a new personas for a long time, but then the pets are true and faithful, trying to give the best for their own masters. In addition, it presented a variety of different great stamina, so that dogs are able to be on the street ever, despite the weather conditions.

Bouvier des Ardennes Originally used as a high-herding dogs, as they are well guarded pigs, cows or sheep. Several centuries ago, pets parts common in each of the host Belgium. Mostly acquire pets simple peasants who needed performance and endurance assistant. They helped to shepherd the flock of cattle, also with the students went to the hunting trips for wild boars, dogs guarded possession, constantly warning of the danger.

A few years ago it represented a variety belonged to an extinct species, but on the Belgian territory was formed group of fans of the Ardennes Bouvier, who do their revival. The final results of all failed, but, despite this, to date the number of species the minimum (about a hundred representatives), so further development is planned to breed.

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