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Photos, description dog breed Dogo Argentino, characteristic for home maintenance and breeding

Breed Argentine Dogo is one of the most unique and universal varieties of dogs, they are able to assist their owners in almost all pets are loyal and devoted friends.

Primordial place of breeding species is represented by Argentina. The country is characterized by extreme climatic conditions, there are always very hot, so pupils develop certain endurance, through which they were able to carry a good long hunting trips. Provenance dogo argentino begins with the first half of the 20th century. From the very beginning, as soon as the animal appeared on Argentine territory, many breeders have noticed all of their advantages, so pets immediately became favorites of many dog ​​handlers. The founders of this breed are copies of more than ten different dog lines, as boxers, pointers, bull terrier, mastiff, as well as other less well-known species. The creation of the Argentine Dogo is a famous doctor – Antonio Martinez.

Consider the exterior signs represented species. Pets have a beautiful woolen cover all parts of the snow-white colors. Hairs themselves are fairly short, smooth and pleasant to the touch. The uniqueness of the suit submitted in dogs is the presence of a dark spot on the head. Animal eyes are large, expressive, dark shades. The average pet has increasing from 65 cm to 75 cm and weighs about 55 kg. Build animals very harmonious and proportional, so almost impossible to even notice the most minimal imperfections on the body.

Typical different manners pets calm and obedient. hateful to people, even strangers for dogs is not observed. Perfectly suited as pets. The family behave like true friends, like children, and thanks to their hospitality, guests will always be happy with such peace-loving puppies. The breed is not inherent in a loud bark, bark much, they can only at certain points, carrying the danger. Demonstrate anger can only fight with their own kind. Due to the inherent qualities of the hunter, they surpass in hunting expeditions. Very clever intellectuals.

Initially, the goals presented species breeding is to create a breed of dog, which would serve as helpers in hunting, where they could easily hunt large animals, such as: puma, jaguar. In addition, pets are required by a good character, so that they could easily get along with your family. The final results of the dogs have been created, which exceeded initial requirements. The species has turned universal and animals began to be used virtually anywhere needed help: hunting trips, the robot as police assistants, they are excellent guides of the shepherds, and also wonderful companions.

Due to the fact that the Argentine dogs are endowed with high productivity qualities of endurance, they are universal assistants, smart performers and loyal friends, popularity and widespread reach dogs around the world, because of what did not belong to the rare species.

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