Bullmastiff, description of dog breeds

Photos, description Bullmastiff dog breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description Bullmastiff dog breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Dog breed Bullmastiff in practice have proven to be courageous and balanced dog. In times of danger, livestock show much aggression, but they are so dutiful that on the orders of the owner can immediately withdraw.

Provenance provided by breed begins in the second half of the 19th century, in the Great Britain territory. The bullmastiff breeding took copies of breed Mastiff part that had bite, like a bulldog, and bulldogs. Some dog experts argue that genetics presented dogs divided into two equal halves, 50% of which were inherited from the Mastiff and 50% – by the Bulldogs. Others argue the other dog handlers ratio genetic predisposition, according to them, was passed by the bulldog less Genetics (about 30-40%). Whatever it was, in the final results appeared bold dog, which can be calm and instantly become aggressive. Official recognition of the variety has reached in the first half of the 20th century (about the 30th year).

Consider the exterior makings of a bullmastiff. dog stands out for its massiveness, power, as well as proportional and harmonious design. Externally, the naked eye can be seen expressive muscularity, which indicates how strong dogs presented. The average pet has increasing from 60 cm to 70 cm and weight in this case is approximately 55 kg. The head of the animal is similar to a square shape, and clearly shows the skeleton of the head, because the skin is very close to it adjoins. Sometimes you may notice the presence of skin folds on the face, but it is possible only when the doggie show any emotion. The eyes of small size, often dark. Copies born with light eyes are considered to be defective, as it is a significant drawback of the exterior. Ears tidy, hang a little laid back, their colors mostly darker compared to the color of the body. Wool cover hard enough, a few short hairs. The suits are found in the rock solid, a variety of shades. The colors of tolerance of dull red or brindle. Also on the chest are often spotted white specks. Mandatory feature in the exterior of bullmastiff is a mask of dark colors or dark claws.

Character represented species distinguished by the fact that dogs can simultaneously demonstrate poise and aggression. However, it all depends on the initial education. Not recommended on a regular basis to train the dogs only to exhibit aggression as excessive anger is not welcome among pets. Because of their characteristic feature of manners distinguished by the fact that, despite the situation in which there is a dog, it is perfectly obey the owner. In the early stages of these animals were very calm and harmonious, but over time they began to bring in another. Training should begin at an early age, and under the guidance of a wise and patient host.

Bullmastiff breed used mainly as guard dogs. Thanks to their unsurpassed external data and an excellent characteristic manners, they are also used in the work of the police, as pets may look great on the trail.

To date, it represented a kind of widely popular all over the world, so the breed is not considered to be a rare dogs.

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