Belgian Shepherd Tervuren breed description

Photos, description Belgian Tervuren dog breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description Belgian Tervuren dog breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Variety Belgian Tervuren dog breed are often compared with similar dogs of other breeds – Groenendael. Regardless, in both species numerous differences.

Representatives of the Belgian Shepherd Tervuren related to the direction and Shepherds were bred famous scientists of the veterinary community to the Belgian territory. The creation of the breed involved in the second half of the 19th century (around the 1890s). It was at that time in Belgium made several similar species. All dogs that were born then, so have a similar genetic reserves with instances Groenendael, often female varieties Groenendael can lead Tervuren.

Consider the exterior features of the variety. Dogs fully comply with all the standards of shepherds. As for the differences between them and breed Groenendael differ dog suit the coat, they have it dark fawn shades, as well as the structure of hairs, because the animals they represented a long and straight. The average pet has increasing from 55 cm to 65 cm and weight at the same time is a maximum of 30 kg. The design of the body is strong, the head of the medium-sized, slightly elongated muzzle. On his head neatly placed triangular shaped ears and expressive eyes, similar to large tonsils, often dark brown. The uniqueness of the presented species is their unmatched immune system, since dogs are distinguished by their excellent health, which also serves other animals. After all, pets are used for the recovery of other species, which have the exterior compatibility.

Specific manners at Shepherds wayward. Their education must be tackled from a young age. Despite the fact that dogs are prone to executive and taming, training must conduct rigorous and serious teacher, otherwise the results will not be. Pets have excellent intellectual abilities, they are courageous, clever and very resourceful, but not limited to, dogs clearly expressed a sense of ownership and responsibility. For their owners dogs become loyal and obedient friends, with proper education.

Initial target applications included the grazing of sheep led by shepherds, dogs played the role of guards to any of the flock was stolen, as well as defenders, in order to avoid attacks. Over time, the need to graze the flock lost its necessity, but instincts shepherd laid down in the Belgian tervueren at the genetic level. Today, pets are great as home keepers and defenders, which serve to avoid the harm that would try to make the attackers. If your possessions are protected by representatives of the breed – do not worry, because they are true professionals.

Wide distribution and high level of popularity, not provided by a variety of uses, but the dogs also do not belong to a rare breed. The fact that they were originally displayed on the Belgian territory, where and distributed, so there is an opportunity to meet with the breed, but outside of their homeland, copies Belgian tervueren virtually none.

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