Great Japanese dog breed description

Photos, description and more Japanese breeds of dogs, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description and more Japanese breeds of dogs, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Interestingly, in the title, as it were, there is a hint to determine the breed of the homeland, but it is not. Despite the fact that the big dogs “Japanese”, they were withdrawn in the US territories.

In the history of the origin of species represented also refers to Japan, as the country is also involved in the removal of large dogs. The founders of the breed are ancient specimens of Japanese Akitas. Before the Second World War, the family of large Japanese dogs were forbidden to export outside of Japan, but later the restrictions were lifted, and several pupils were in America, where he created a new breed in question. In the second half of the 20 th century, the FCI (FCI) recognized the large Japanese dogs as a separate species, and it was given its present name them as animals previously called “American Akita”.

Consider the exterior features of the breed. The average pet has increasing from 65 cm to 75 cm and weight in this case is approximately 30 kg – 35 kg. Build dogs, massive, powerful, rich oriental harmony. purebred pets can be verified in clearly defined limitations in size, because there are certain standards. The legs end in small raised pads, like kittens. The uniqueness lies in the incredible variety of wool cover, wool dense, with the inherent massive undercoat, soft to the touch and tender. Suits in the rock there are various: speckled, red, light brown and brindle colors. On the muzzle area are colored masks or unusual blaze (typical spot on the forehead).

The nature of dogs is fully consistent with their sweet appearance. Animals are peaceful, friendly and faithfully listen to their owners. Due to the fact that the species are inherent features of a few wayward, to achieve obedience can only be persistent trainings, starting from an early age. Among other things, the large Japanese representatives bravely perform difficult tasks, is very brave, but in relationships with other dogs may exhibit their aggression, especially those who are not trained. Therefore, all of the above should be considered when buying dogs or even when walking the.

First-time Adoption of dogs is to help in the hunt, as the features of the real hunters laid them at the genetic level. Not today, they acquire for the company, because the animal is tamed, the owner receives, in the final results, a faithful and devoted friend who will always help in trouble.

Very popular is represented by a variety of US territories, where their number is quite large. Despite the fact that on other continents rarely encountered pets, dogs do not relate to rare species.

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