Lyon-bichon, breed of dog

Photos, description dog breed Bichon Lyon (lion dog), characteristic for the domestic breeding

Photos, description dog breed Bichon Lyon (lion dog), characteristic for the domestic breeding

Dog Breed Bichon Lyon also called ridiculous nickname like “lion dog”. Exterior Features pets really correspond to mean a lion, only the variety is much smaller sizes.

Images of small predators were painted by artists in the paintings of the first half of the 14th century, which also confirms the ancient origins of dogs. In addition, there is a standard haircut, which is shown in the drawings, it is on this principle is still to cut animals that gives them a similar appearance with the lions. The original purpose of these cuts were to the fact that dogs are better able to warm people. The fact is that in the old days used the dogs as human warmers. Step by step, it represented a kind of lost its widespread popularity and has become less and less spread, and in the second half of the 18th century the breed completely disappeared. Many years later, some dog breeders started breeding again interested in the history of the Lyon-bichon, they paid attention to their unusual external characteristics. In the second half of the 20th century (around 1970’s year), several breeders-fans came together and decided to restore these original puppy that, in the final results, enthusiasts turned out.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the animals presented. The average pet has increasing from 30 cm to 40 cm (maximum height), and weight in this case is approximately 5 kg. Judging by the size, it is possible to state firmly on the miniature dogs, because it is in truth charming little creatures who have little body design. Build in enough pets proportional and looks very harmonious. The head part is short and wide, neatly placed on his head drooping ears that are covered with hair, as well as notable are large and expressive eyes. Wool is of medium length, wavy. Hairs completely cover the entire body, and tail. The colors are different, as a kind of quite ancient and during the existence of the suit pupils regularly varied. Especially appreciated in the breed dogs that have a white woolen cloak, but in addition it also look beautiful puppies saturated black or lemon colored, however, each color is very popular. The opportunity to meet and pet spotted. Time during which the wool grows, depends directly on the pet; the conditions in which he lives, which is made from their diet and so on. The main condition is regular trips to the barber and cut their dogs all parts of the standard patterns of their ancestors – “a lion.”

Specific manners of miniature puppies often more positive, good doggie, cute, and have a certain level of intelligence. By their owners, they are friendly, and try to faithfully obey and carry out tasks. Despite the fact that the species are inherent in small size, at a meeting with strangers animals show aggression and to defend or try to warn owners about the intruders. Pets are prone to dressirovok, so it is only necessary to engage with them from an early age.

Talking about how you can use dogs in practice, of course, they do not work on any supernatural action, but even good and loud “siren”, approaching danger, it is useful, as what and Lyon-bichon may apply. Capable dogs also boldly go in search of criminals who are hiding, and help them find the owners with the help of loud Layan. Naturally, you can experience a quality defender or guard the representatives of the breed, but because of their unusual appearance, the animals are more like miniature copies. You agree to purchase such a gentle and peace-loving puppy that will become a true friend – the best use of young lions.

In our time of submitted doggies known to many, as the breed is very popular and spread more and more every day. Previously unaware of the existence of dogs in France, restrictions, and for its territories information about this cute dog line appeared just recently. Now dogs are perfectly familiar with Americans and people from other continents.

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