American cocker spaniel, dog breed

Photos, description of dog breeds American cocker spaniel, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description of dog breeds American cocker spaniel, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Introduced species of American Cocker Spaniel refers to one of the most active and playful species, they are ideal as a family pet, will be faithful and loyal friends to the owners.

Just like many other American species, the origin of the dogs presented takes proper beginning of the English dogs, which have imported many years ago in America. Founders represented breed pets are purebred Cocker Spaniel English origin.

Consider the characteristics of the breed appearance. The average pet has increasing from 30 cm to 40 cm and weighs about 12 kg. American Cocker Spaniel can be distinguished by a beautiful woolen cover, which is inherent in such a dog with a birthday. The head of the rounded shapes, the muzzle is wide enough, elongated ears and gently hang down. Animal eyes are intelligent and peaceful, watching expressive look. Also, dogs are well developed nostrils and released them with scissors-type flavor. The tail is very active and is constantly in motion, to the dorsal region of the tail moves very smoothly, so it seems that only the tail continues to spin. Dogs have a rather short but neat and pleasant to the touch with a woolen cover. The suits in a variety of rock found on a large extent depends on the coat colors eye color. Among the varieties of dogs have special popularity having pearly shades suits, also distributed in whole or black with black spots, red, tiger and chalye coat color.

Inherent doggie obedience, they are friendly, always energetic and cheerful, well-behaved in relation to the children. Breeders recommend that include Spaniels on private areas of the territory, but also puppies can live in a small city apartment. The main thing to give pupils the opportunity to pour out their energy, they love to walk and play.

The original purpose of breeding was to create good hunting assistants, but in modern times, there are so many different breeds of hunting that surpass American cocker spaniels that are used for hunting dogs rarely, because of what they have lost hunter quality. Instead, the animals have an unusual appearance and contain both decorative, besides little dog get along well with people and show all your best qualities, while as a family pet.

For rare species, represented species is not true, moreover pets are very popular all over the world, but widespread only in the American territories.

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