American Water Spaniel, breed description

Photos, description breed dogs American Water Spaniel, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description breed dogs American Water Spaniel, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

American Water Spaniel is one of the best hunting dogs. Furthermore, as is clear from the name, pets swim perfectly, which is used all the limbs and tail section. In addition to the proposed titles, in various sources there are also other names, like brown water spaniel.

The history of the origin of species represented originates from the second half of the 19th century, where in America created the American Water Spaniel. High popularity of the dog reached in Northern Minnesota and along the Mississippi River. The founders of this breed is an old Irish Water Spaniel, as well as several other dog lines that specialize in hunting birds. In the final results, a new generation of dogs was created, which was considered special. Thanks to the appropriate color and patience, pupils were able to quietly get close to a flock of birds. Judging by this kind of quality, then they are more likely to retriever than a spaniel. This is due to lack of signs brahipodii, and they present a number of other genetic inclinations, which have no real spaniels.

Consider the exterior characteristics of representatives of American Water Spaniel. Build pets massive enough, some wide body. The average copy has a weight from 10 kg to 20 kg. Appearance immediately reminds both species – and retviver spaniel. The head part of a large and lugs bent towards the bottom, fold. COAT sufficiently dense and hairs inherent curl. Colours are often a coffee or a light shade of brown. There are dogs with the presence of white spots on the endings of the legs and chest area.

Typical dogs with manners like any owner, pets are very loyal and peaceful. They have successfully taken to his family, where the puppies demonstrate loyalty, friendliness, especially good pets get along with the children. For room maintenance breed is not suitable, because the frisky little dog, it must constantly spend their energy through physical activity. If the dogs are always in the apartment, they become depressed and passive.

Initially, the use of dogs presented was that species to hunt birds, as in all adjust to a specific area where dogs were bred. When try hunting breed quality in other, unknown to them territories, there is a possibility that the Spaniels get lost or even cripple in an attempt to catch prey. Over time, this drawback has been seen, so many rangers and hunters preferred Retriever, which eventually supplanted American Water Spaniel, the breed was not forgotten. Now the animals used as pets, they are best friends and the owners used as a sociable dog.

As a rare species, represented breed is not registered, but if you compare the level of popularity and spread of this century and the previous one, it is significantly decreased.

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