American bulldog breed description

Photos, description breed dog American Bulldog, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description breed dog American Bulldog, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

A feature of the representatives of American bulldogs is their loyalty, but to get the dog’s loyalty and obedience you must make considerable efforts, as initial breeding methods is to increase the aggressiveness of pupils, respectively, to manage such animals is not easy.

Provenance provided variety originates in the American territories. Earlier, Great Britain, the United States imported a lot of English bulldogs, who moved with their owners. The fact that English bulldogs are ancestors of the American bulldogs – no doubt. The mystery is this, what other line of dogs were involved in the creation of the variety, but to learn about it is precisely impossible. There are only assumptions. Many dog ​​experts are of the opinion that contributed to the emergence of the next breed of light American Bulldogs: Pointer, Boxer, Argentine dogs and other canine line. Speaking about the popularity and spread of species represented, today recognize dogs only within America.

Consider the exterior characteristics of American bulldogs. Build pets medium sized body design quite muscular and has a beautiful athletic forms. Until recently we began to distinguish between the two lines of American Bulldog, one of them – a standard, and the other is called a Bull Johnson. The representatives of Bull Johnson exhibit distinctive expression of taste, in addition manifest differences in size, the head of the other forms, as well as there are other more subtle differences. Wool cover from pets pretty thick body abundantly covered with short hairs. Colours meet a variety, but solid blue suit, or solid black colors are considered intrabreed disadvantages. Most dogs with white coat color, have certain defects, often manifested in deafness, blindness, or a predisposition to skin diseases.

Typical representatives of the mores of American bulldogs are often brought up individually, but with proper education of the dog can easily become real pets, showing only the best features. Even if the dog for many years living with the owners, behaves calmly and peacefully, it is impossible to predict the behavior of pets in an emergency, because the blood of true fighting dogs flows in their veins. The main thing to remember, dislike pets with them when cost dramatically, they do not suffer. If the American bulldogs from infancy exhibit excessive aggression, for the habitat they are not allowed in a family setting. In addition, also discouraged strong shyness, so further multiply very aggressive or timid specimens breeders are not allowed.

The original purpose of breeding was to create high-quality guide dogs or police assistant in areas where they help to find drugs or other dangerous or illegal substances. As watchdogs behaved American Bulldog at the highest level, but if the owner is able to control the bad behavior of their pet, for the protection it is better not to use. The same can be said about living bulldogs together with the family, you need to be especially careful if there are small children. Although brought up friendly dogs, they can also do harm.

Introduced species is not listed in rare species. The most popular and spread have dogs on the American territory, unfortunately in other continents of the world to meet American bulldogs – a rarity.

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