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Photos, description of dog breeds dogs, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description of dog breeds dogs, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Representatives barbet breed dogs differ incredibly thick, curly wool cover, through which the dog can be kept at low temperatures or high humidity. In order to pets can fully enjoy all the benefits of wool, it is necessary to regularly cut.

Introduced a variety refers to the very old, so the exact facts about the history of the origin of the breed there. Many dog ​​breeders that are engaged in these dogs based on their research and observations, proposed several suggestions. The most plausible version is the origin of the barbet copies of eastern origin, who belonged to the shepherd’s direction, as well as the original ancestors were considered cops, hounds, and Griffons. The word “Griffon” is meant not a mythical creature of the old stories, but a real dog species. There are also suggestions that represented the breed is an improved generation of older dogs that appeared in the first half of the 10th century – Brudastov cops.

Consider the exterior signs barbet. The average pet has increasing from 45 cm to 55 cm and weighs about 16 kg. It can be seen that the external dimensions do not differ from the average, but the dogs are distinguished by their incredible woolen cloak. Thick, long and curly coat, which is the main characteristic of the breed. Of course, compared with the poodles or water spaniels, curly hairs barbet are inferior. Wool cover completely covers the torso pets, including a muzzle. Hardest distinguished eyebrows, bangs and beard. Suits in the rock found varied, but mostly it’s different shades of brown. Note: purebred dogs should be more bright colors, as well as on the cover is clearly expressed in spots.

Judging by the typical customs dogs, they appear to be cheerful, peaceful and friendly puppies. In addition to their constant thirst for the game and activity, they also have good intelligence and purposefully go to his goal. Through hilarious and subtle qualities of intuition, doggie faithfully serve the owners, therefore, belong to the family type. As pets, puppies perform all functions. In addition, the dog’s well-trainable, listen carefully and skillfully perform all the tasks.

Having considered the nature of the dog, it is hard to believe that they are used in the direction of hunting, but it’s actually true. In hunting expeditions to medium-sized dogs prey exhibit sharp quality of the hunter. Incredible to watch when these cute little faces attacking game and achieve it, staying in a clear desk. Also hunt livestock in water and, thanks to its woolen cover, under any climatic conditions, the goals kept hardy. Previously, other applications, strictly speaking, was not, as barbet perfectly cope with the hunting. Time passed, and many have noticed unusual features appearance represented species, since they began to keep as pets, also contributed to the domestic content of their kind nature and simplicity.

This article was listed as good for dogs, which is why it seems that dogs are appreciated and are very popular. But, unfortunately, it is not. Today, dogs are a dying species, despite the large number of advantages. Since the breed is really very old, many years ago, they have disappeared one day, some in the second half

20th century, but then re-breeders fans renewed strength of the breed. We hope that this will happen now. The few instances have the opportunity to meet in the French territories, but for her dog little known limitations.

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