Dog Pomeranian (Batak) Dog, breed of dog

Photos, description breed dog Pomeranian dog, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description breed dog Pomeranian dog, characteristic for home breeding

In addition to this name, Pomeranian dogs are also remembered in various sources under the following headings: Spitz Batak, Batak of Sumatra dogs.

Provenance represented species is considered to be so ancient that keep track of the first facts about their appearance is not possible, moreover, it is impossible to know for sure about the area, where the first Batak Spitz puppies were bred. One thing is certain, this breed has long been popular among the ancient Greek women, and German aristocrats, that lived during the time of the Middle Ages. The official name of the breed is not the first, which is actually called pets as dogs accounted like many Indonesian Batak, then later called them already advanced title, and before that was Batak Spitz Pomeranian dogs.

Consider the exterior features provided by dogs. The average pet has increasing from 35 cm to 45 cm and weight in this case is approximately 5 kg. Of sizes becomes clear that members of this species sufficiently miniature and lightweight. Build dogs harmonious and proportioned. The head of the small size and snout to the end of a few elongated. On his head placed small ears in erect state. Tail dogs, curled, and literally lying on the dorsal region. Since the breed is quite old, some parts of the body varied, so among the animals found both curled tails, and direct or even a very small, almost invisible tails. The original breeding engaged exclusively in pets that have white coloring of the coat. Today you can meet completely different Batak Spitz. Hairs different hardness and density, doggies also characterized by the presence of abundant undercoat.

Specific manners presented dogs hardly match their conformation characteristics. Despite its diminutive size, the kids are very brave, always will defend to the last owner of the property, and when meeting strangers – warned of the danger. In addition, dogs faithful and loyal friends, thanks to high intelligence, they easily perform complex commands and quickly learn new things.

Introduced species is actually very old, so the dogs are involved in almost all directions. pets as pets are particularly suitable because they clearly perform all their duties. It would seem so small, and they are called watchmen. Naturally, the more dangerous animals do not prevent, but will fight to the last. Thanks to their perseverance, long dog will chase enemies, grab them by the feet, but most importantly, the dogs will be barking very loudly, this way calling anyone for help. Earlier breed specialized in finding the whales, because of what the animals carried in the whaling voyages. As strange as it did not seem doggies inherent hunting inclinations, but they do not use them practically. The worst thing invented the use of Batak, who used the most ugly dogs as food, which we hope will never happen again.

For rare species Batak Spitz does not include, and distribution of a wide variety in there. The most popular dog represented in Indonesia, where you can meet the true purebred specimens, but abroad to get acquainted with this breed is virtually impossible.

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