Belgian Griffon, breed of dog

Photos, description dog breed Belgian Griffon, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description dog breed Belgian Griffon, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Variety Belgian Griffons dogs completely unique and unusual. To came to light such wonderful puppies were crossed with each other a few breeds that differ distinctive customs, suits and various physical characteristics, and that was the key to their unparalleled type of exterior.

Provenance provided varieties begins in the second half of the 19th century. It is expected that combined to create a breed by reproductive crossing pug pets (this is indicated in the respective forming faces), and dwarf schnauzer, affen pinschers and Yorkshire terriers. Over time, the Griffons were divided into two lines, one of which is a full-size, that is, dogs have the average statistical size of the body, and the other – low-dimensional (dwarf), as pets are the holders of the miniature body.

Let us consider in more detail the characteristics of both the exterior areas of the Belgian Griffon. The average pet miniature direction has a weight of not more than 3 kg, and the usual doggie weigh about 11 kg. Despite the different weight categories, dogs look very compact. Features animals are available cute mustache and beard, and kind faces emphasizes the forehead, it does look a little angry dogs. Wool cover pet hard enough, wool thick and elastic. For hairs should look carefully, because they are very confused. Suits in the rock found deep black or a variety of combined red and black colors. With a fully black color scheme there are specks of white or light-colored markings.

Specific manners of dogs in any case can not be judged by the look as piercing eyes, full of anger, it is very misleading. In fact, representatives of the Belgian Griffons lovely, gentle, peace-loving and cheerful. Pets rather the executive, which is why they are susceptible to taming and accurately perform all orders. Animals are very committed and loyal to their owners. Although patience dogs, family content may harm baby. Parts of all the puppies acquire couples without children, but as a family pet, like a dog dog handlers do not recommend.

In general, use the provided breed as farm helpers as they perfectly cope with the task to catch a variety of small rodents and pests, and animals bark loudly to warn of possible danger. Today, pets are involved in all sorts of venues processes as unusual decorative representatives. By purchasing these dogs, you must bear in mind that they need their own space, which is easy to provide on-farm. Always be in the apartment or house Griffons can not necessarily spend time with them and regular workouts enable to spend their energy.

With each passing day increases the popularity of the Belgian Griffon, respectively, increases the level of their distribution. By a rare dog breeds are not.

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