Bandzharskaya greyhound breed dogs

Photos, description Bandzharskaya dog breed greyhound breeding characteristics and content

Photos, description Bandzharskaya dog breed greyhound breeding characteristics and content

Meet bandzharskih purebred greyhounds representatives can be quite rare, as pets by a reproductive crossing method combined with other dog lines, parts of all pariahs.

The roots are like the variety provided from India. Distant ancestors, the founders of greyhounds have been instances of the following breeds: Afghan, and the Sloughi. Removing pets were carried out in a natural way, and completely by chance. The fact that the creation of dogs nobody seriously concerned, as well, however, to ensure that applied only purebred specimens, since it is unusual for India. In the West, there are a few breeders who regularly work hard to spread only purebred representatives, so there is an opportunity to get acquainted with these bandzharskimi greyhounds. Unfortunately, over time, the same enthusiasts are lost, so it is worth considering that the species may simply disappear, leaving behind only the hybrids, which in the end results, too, will disappear.

Consider the exterior features of the dogs presented. The design capacity of the body is different, muscular. Pets in the form of a very elegant, graceful and extremely beautiful. Exterior features dogs Borzoi fully comply with the direction. The average pet has increasing from 65 cm to 75 cm and weight in this case is of the order of 25 kg of the dorsal part of the dogs is very flat and dry, the chest deep enough. The head of the elongated snout somewhat narrow, but highly placed, it looks as if they have proudly put his head. Wool cover animals are very gentle, silky hairs and quite short (especially in the limbs, ears and tail). The suits are found predominantly black or various shades of ash, as is color interspersed with gray or blue colors.

The character that is inherent presented different varieties of attachment to their owners. Pets are incredibly committed and loyal to all members of the family. As a pet greyhounds perform all the functions of a real friend, a great companion and assistant, is also well suited as a nanny for the youngest members of the family. Whatever it was, at the genetic level in dogs unsurpassed quality laid hunters, and this is known to be accompanied by a love of freedom, willful and stubborn. If you do not deal with the education of animals from an early age, it will not be wonderful pets, as will always strive for self-sufficiency in the dog’s future. Coaching dogs need to show endurance and patience.

Due to the fact that the removal of species represented was an accident, the direct appointment from pupils was a long time, they just live a free life, until they began to be used for hunting trips. If India is not much worry about bandzharskih greyhounds, in the West – on the contrary. Dogs are used as decorative trends, constantly developing their exterior and features, thus preventing blood hybrids.

Outside of India, presented on animals, little is known, but they are still bred other breeders, and in purebred generations. Today bandzharskie greyhounds do not belong to a rare species, but if there are no more the western breeders who try to maintain a balance of the number of dogs, the species threatened with extinction.

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