Australian Shepherd dog breed description

Photos, description Australian Shepherd dogs, breed characteristics to domestic breeding

Photos, description Australian Shepherd dogs, breed characteristics to domestic breeding

Variety of Australian Shepherd refers to a rather energetic and agile dogs, having fun and friendly character. Having made the decision to purchase such a pet, the first thing you need to provide the animals, the ability to constantly move over large areas, so a small apartment in the city does not fit for the Australian Shepherd. Despite the fact that pets are inherent features of the peaceful, to outsiders, this quality does not apply, because the dogs justify their qualities of a good caretaker. In various sources there are also other examples of names provided by species: Kettle dog, Australian cattle dog, as well as the Australian Heeler.

After reading the title, the first impression of the rock formed such that the dogs were bred to Australian territory, but it is not. In fact, in America we created animals, but later due to the fact that Australia had claimed shepherd dog, multiple instances of the Australian Shepherd imported for Australian pastures. The original purpose of breeding was to create a good hunting dog that could used in a special way to protect valuable line of sheep – merinos.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the animal. The average pet has increasing from 50 cm to 60 cm. The chest of medium size, clearly visible relief. The whole body muscular. Limbs rather long and fleshy. Gentle head part, small ears and hanging. Wool cover rather short, different number of different colors: blue marble with shades of black, red and rich red coloring. Outwardly apparent irregularities in colors, for example, often wool blend two colors, like white and red, and so on.

With regard to the disposition of the characteristic pets, dogs are very peaceful and friendly, even if it comes a stranger, then manifest data features are very rare. If we are talking about their owners, pets enjoy playing, having fun, every time showing itself word little puppies. The content of the representatives of the Australian Shepherd in close urban room has a bad effect on their development and the state, moreover, may develop not only the disease but also the aggression to their owners.

The initial removal provides only good quality guards for sheep, so is the quality inherent in an animal from birth. In today’s world, pets are bred as pets, it would seem the function to protect the flock to anything, so their desire to protect is shown in the guard as the owner and possessions, and actively using dogs for the blind, they are good friends and a guide for those who need them.

Today we can firmly state that the breed is a large and rare it is difficult to call. Raising pets is popular all over the world, great for a family of content.

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