Australian Brakk smooth coat, dog breed

Photos, description breed dog Australian Brakk smooth coat, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description breed dog Australian Brakk smooth coat, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Representatives of the Australian gladkosherstogo Bracco in various sources referred to in different ways, here are some examples of other dog names: smooth-haired Australian hound, black and tan hound Australian, Australian hound and Brundle Brakk.

Origin of animals begins its history of the territories of European countries, despite the fact that the title refers to another breeding place in Australia brought dogs later. Pets are distant ancestors of black-and-tan hounds. The original breeding objectives were dressage on a hunt where the animals were to help the owner with this task perfectly cope haired Bracco. Today, pets are not bred for hunting, but the quality of heightened intuition and high endurance inherent puppies from birth.

Appearance of representatives of the breed in many respects the same as the instances of hounds other lines. The average growth of the pet has about 55 cm and a weight of about 25 cm. In animals, beautiful and muscular body structure, form neat head part with hanging ears are medium in size. Wool cover dogs, black color with shades of tan. Less common in the breed can be found Bracco having white spots on the coat, but such a feature is considered inappropriate classic appearance.

The main characteristic of the manners for dogs that are valued, is the high qualities of the hunter, which are inherent to the animal at birth. In addition, animals are very persistent, attentive, focused and set a goal – go to the end. Presented variety is among the most dobychlivym, because the owner for his own pets can bring their best of the spoil. In order to develop these qualities, you must also be able to properly motivate the Australian hunters. In addition to these characteristics, the dogs stand playful, active, agile and enthusiastic at all times smooth coat Brakk be awake, having fun with the pet owner. And besides the owners of dogs nobody open all their friendly qualities, as strangers cause animals flegmatizm, restraint, and often aggression, so you must be careful with new persona in the house. Its great energy charge pets the best show in the open air, so a continual allowance dogs locked up would not benefit, but rather the contrary, the little dog will behave immobile and yearn for new active experiences.

The use of animals previously was to help in the hunt, as dogs possess unsurpassed quality of the hunter, so today they often trust in the hunting business. Buying Australian representative gladkosherstogo Bracco, it is worth considering that the content of the closed and tiny room is not suitable for pets, because they constantly need to move and have their own space, active lifestyle requires a correspondingly large territories. In addition, the animals must be used on the nature of the innate quality of hunting, because without it Bracco are in dismal condition.

For many continents represented breed is rare only because dogs are virtually unknown outside the Australian land, but in spite of their low level of popularity for Australian livestock are a real find, the puppies are valued and respected.

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