Australian Terrier, breed description

Photos, description dog breed Australian Terrier, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description dog breed Australian Terrier, characteristic for home breeding

Miniature representatives dogs Australian Terrier breeds always differ in their desire to please the owner, to make the company, in which the dog will be able to have fun and show the unique ability of dexterity.

Often the origin of the variety compared with the origins of the Yorkshire terrier, but looking at the animals of both breeds, once it becomes clear why, because between a dog very similar. To Australian terriers appeared in front of us as they have been conducted numerous reproductive mating, which received copies of all terriers part that only lived on the Australian territory, but it was worth it, because the final results have been excellent.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the pupils. Dogs look very tiny and possess with short legs. The average pet in the shoulder has a growth of about 25 cm, while the weight of the animals about 5 kg. Terriers, unlike other species, possess quite dry body design, with a pronounced relief, and the body more narrow. The head of the neat form, flattened, beautiful line goes into a long snout; ears small and erect; eyes dark shades. Tails in young dogs often cropped, with a rather short. Wool cover pets Guta and long enough, and have short little dog, pleasant to the touch, undercoat. Suits of animals there are completely different, but mostly it’s different gray palette, the color characteristic of wool is pronounced Podpalov structure.

Initially breed breeding objectives was to create a convivial dogs, so pets have distinctive character is very friendly. Sweethearts are different in that they can quickly become attached to the owner, as well as conciliatory attitude to all other family members or friends. In addition, Australian Terriers are distinguished bravery, courage and high level of intelligence. The content of the animals are unpretentious, so it is not difficult to breed.

Most members of this species are confused with a decorative line, but, despite their small stature and small size as a decorative dog, pets are not displayed. Due to the fact that puppies are very agile and mobile, pets can catch rodents, rabbits or even snakes. Nor should we underestimate the Australian Terrier, because only one small dog is able to protect a small group of large herd of massive cattle. Due to the fact that animals can move smartly on the backs of cows or sheep in the herd control support for them is not too difficult.

Today, there are numerous number of representatives of the Australian Terrier, so how rare breed pets are not fixed.

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