Blue Blood bulldog breed description

Photos, description breed dog Blue Blood Bulldog, characteristic for cultivation at home

Photos, description breed dog Blue Blood Bulldog, characteristic for cultivation at home

Also presented the main name of the breed, dogs are also called “Otto” or “Bulldog blue blood.”

Origin of species represented begins in the second half of the 19th century. At that time, the most popular were dogs on the American territories – namely, South Georgia. The developer of the breed is a scientist by the name of Buck Lane. Blue Blood Bulldog, derived on the basis of the Bulldog English origin. On the territory of the southern regions of America, often referred to pet bulldogs blue bloods (Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog) as if his words exalting the breed. With the manifest qualities of endurance and strength, provided the animals have become excellent assistants in various farm work, guarded by the owner and all his possessions.

Consider the exterior characteristics alapahsih purebred bulldogs. Pets owners are extremely powerful physique, muscular silhouette stands out significantly. The average pet has increasing from 55 cm to 65 cm, while the weight is 35 kg-45 kg. Bulldogs sufficiently large and broad head part; elongated muzzle; beautiful ears hang down. Often the process of cupping ears and tail section does not occur. The colors of the coat contrasting occur, for example, black and white suit. Quite often there is an opportunity to meet representatives of alapahskih bulldogs that have the coat colors of marble, the most rare colors are red and gold shades.

Owners of pet data is always positive about the typical customs of pets. A special feature is a unique mindset, understanding, support and dedication to the owner. It would seem that all the dogs first tied and then become loyal to their own masters, but the dedication of representatives of this species is so high that it created a history. After removing species Blue Blood Bulldog breeder Buck Lane got one of the copies of his creation. Once a scientist was killed, his pet every day to come to the place of death of beloved master and guarded him even after death. Of course, many owners may be described as the aggressive animals, because they periodically aggression manifests itself in all parts in the attacks, so there is no need to constantly keep pets locked up or on a chain, because the main task is to protect all dogs ownership.

To date, we preserved all the original purpose of breeding, since the representatives of Blue Blood Bulldog, used for their true direction. The main tasks of the dogs is a high-quality protection of the territory, or the person, where they manifest themselves as real bodyguards.

In today’s world, unfortunately, every day is getting smaller representatives of this species, so the breed belongs to a rare and very valuable specimens, besides almost extinct. In the vastness of the world, there are only about 120-150 species Blue Blood Bulldog.

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