English Foxhound

Photos, description breed dogs English Foxhound, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description breed dogs English Foxhound, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

In addition to the officially recognized name of breeds of dogs, also called English Foxhound English lisyami hounds.

Provenance provided by species originates from the first half of the 9th century, when they were imported in England. Earlier pets lived in the European Region, where they loved and valued, because at that time (about 6 century) was very popular equestrian fox hunting, and as an escort took with them dogs. And we use the ancient Foxhound. After the pets were brought to England, they have combined with instances gubertovyh pickling dogs, terriers, hounds pets old English origin, and white hounds doggie. The final results in the light of a new, very unique kind – English Foxhound.

Consider the exterior features of the animals. Build pets rather massive and powerful, long limbs, which is why it seems their large growth, the average growth of the pet has a 60 cm to 70 cm. The colors of the coat often Pegova different variations, such color is common to all the classic facial features of hunting dogs. The chest is massive, bulge and deep dorsal portion is large, the abdominal region tightened, and the entire body stands out muscles and relief of the body. a small tail. Limbs dense, strong bone system is released. The head of the dogs of small size, on the head gently placed ears form a triangle, nostrils dilated, eyes large, expressive and often dark shades.

Characteristic features are inherent presented species are characterized by friendliness, doggie peaceful and lovingly relate to the world around them. Under one roof, dogs can dwell in the world with other pets, but if a family has children, their pets do not hurt, but on the contrary, all efforts will be protected. Despite the fact that at the genetic level of animals laid sharp hunting quality, they dominated obedience owner, if properly raise. It is important to regularly give doggies opportunity to throw out their energy, and the whole Foxhound independent and susceptible to training.

Apply dogs of English origin of all parts as an assistant in hunting expeditions or pets are as faithful and devoted friend. Thanks to the excellent endurance, pets with pleasure will keep the company in the cycling trip, walking the walk. Also, they can live in a small apartment, subject to regular walks.

Among all existing dogs hunting origin, representatives of English Foxhound are the most popular. With them, create a new generation of hunting breeds, combining with other species. How rare breed pets are not logged in.

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