American Staffordshire Terrier

Photos, description dog breed American Staffordshire Terrier, characteristic for home breeding and keeping house

Photos, description dog breed American Staffordshire Terrier, characteristic for home breeding and keeping house

Various sources dogs breed American Staffordshire Terriers also called pit bulls.

The origins of this species has not started, at least when it was removing them – is not known. For several centuries, dogs are bred as a fighting, and she rocks belong to very ancient. Previously, all pets showed increased aggression and anger, but it was in the past, because a few years ago to develop these qualities in the American Staffordshire Terrier was prohibited. Due to the variety presented were created and other, younger dogs line, these include: Bulldogs, Terriers. Further, based on novovyvedennyh rocks created a joint variety – “Bull Terrier End”, which became the founder of the modern representatives of the breed Staffordshire.

Consider the exterior features of the breed. body design different capacity and a massive, well expressed in the body muscularity, dogs also have good bone system. The average pet has increasing from 40 cm to 50 cm, thereby breed refers to undersized type. Build looks very harmoniously and proportionally, the dorsal region is long enough, the chest rounded shape of the abdominal tightened and does not sag. Differences can be easy because they have a fairly unusual shape of the head, it is quite large and broad, and as for the faces, her pronounced cheekbones sharp lines, as well as on the back of the hill among other pet terriers data. The eyes of small size, are located at a great distance, dark circles and shapes. Ears set high, all parts are held at the cartilage, but there is often a need for them in a special way to stop (it is best to entrust an experienced veterinarian). The tail of the dogs at the lower of average length, situated low enough and the tail has a shape like a saber. Wool cover dogs different elasticity, shiny hair and an unusually shimmers to the body short hairs fitting very tightly. The suits in a variety of rock found, the main thing that is not white, because light color tones are material flaws.

Specific customs, which were characteristic of the variety presented previously, have long been forgotten, because now throw the same fighting dogs, but with the birth of raising them in balance and tranquility. Next pets implicitly able to learn any, even the most difficult classes and listen to all the instructions of their beloved owners. When it comes to protecting expensive dogs personalities, they are down to the last drop of blood will compete with those who are trying to insult their relatives, where are shown the features of fight dog, who has in their genetics.

The original purpose of breeding American Staffordshire Terriers were to help in the hunt or guard animals capacity. Especially well they deal with hunting and mining do not let go of the teeth until it orders them to the owner. Because today breeding milder dogs, they are trained from birth peaceful, the terriers successfully live as a family pet, which show all the best features of the factory.

Representatives of the American Staffordshire Terrier considered quite popular and common, though limited to the most widely used in America. As a rare species of dogs are not registered.

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