Balkan Hound breed dogs

Photos, description Balkan hound dog breed, characteristic for cultivation and maintenance of the house

Photos, description Balkan hound dog breed, characteristic for cultivation and maintenance of the house

Balkan hounds as compared to other varieties of different vigor, pets strong enough, despite their ancient existence, the dogs were able to preserve the original quality of hunting that is genetically transmitted from generation to generation.

Provenance presented species has ancient roots. Once upon a time, distant ancestors pets, it is known that they were hounds discharge, were introduced in Europe, together with a small group of the Phoenicians. Next story developed gradually over more than one century, the animals changed, adds something new, but something was lost, but they were able to appear before us now powerful hunters possessing wayward traits. To date, the most popular breed in the former Yugoslavia territories.

Consider the external features of the Balkan hounds. Pets differ powerful body, well muscled dog body structure. The average pet has increasing from 50 cm to 60 cm and weighs about 50 kg. The head of the elongated forehead fairly wide. The muzzle is massive, visible on her large eyes, in all parts of the dark colors and look at the dogs are very intelligent and piercing. On his head gently placed flat, drooping ears. The limbs in animals powerful, and rounded endings. The nails are very hard and strong. Wool cover dogs shiny, soft to the touch. dog suits are predominantly light brown shades, as well as dogs inherent in the “saddle” in black, which is placed on the dorsal part and a bit of a belly. In addition, there are small specks and black on the muzzle.

Specific manners Balkan hounds rather capricious. Pets always look smart and expressive look. Looking into their eyes can be seen that animals have to be wise and intellectual qualities. For property owners pets are best friends and faithful assistants who never throw in the lurch. If dogs engaged in education from an early age, in the future, you can achieve great results, because thanks to their intellectual abilities no matter what the goal is in front of them, pupils move purposefully forward. It is known that all champions but the intellect must have great stamina to barriers did not exist, so the Balkan hounds can be described as tireless and stubborn dogs.

The main objectives were to launch to create a breed with good hunting qualities. The initial objectives have been achieved, and, despite the fact that dogs have existed for many centuries, their sharp quality hunter survived to our time. Through unmatched endurance, unpretentiousness and dedication animals, despite the climatic conditions or other obstacles, clearly perform their duties and hunt for wild boars, hares, deer, roe deer, foxes. Pets are very vociferous and like loud but melodious bark that must be considered when the content of the home. For their owners Balkan hounds best friends, so they should appreciate and love. Keep dogs indoors is not recommended, because the freedom-loving pets, they need their own space, as well as the animal needs to spend its energy on a regular basis. If you can not use them in hunting direction, you should conduct regular training with dogs, by the way, they are very dutiful and listen to their coaches.

Introduced species is not very popular in other territories other than the former Yugoslavia, that is less common dog. Despite this, Balkan hounds do not belong to a rare breed.

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