Bosnian coarse-hound breed dogs

Photos, description Bosnian coarse-breed dog hound breeding characteristics and content

Photos, description Bosnian coarse-breed dog hound breeding characteristics and content

Introduced a variety refers to the low-maintenance dogs that are different and beautiful melodious bark.

Talking about the origin of the breed, known for a few, rather one assumption, rather than facts. It is assumed that the history of other groups connected with the direction of the Beagle, which were imported to the territory of Bosnia in the first half of the 19th century. Before our time, popular Bosnian coarsewooled hounds only within their country and abroad pets almost common.

Consider the exterior signs of the animals presented. The average pet has increasing from 50 cm to 60 cm and weight in this case is of the order of 20 kg. The design of the body strong and muscular. Pets take part in various exhibitions, so set a standard of appearance that is inherent in a true and purebred dogs presented species. Growth must conform to ninety percent of the whole body. The head part of a medium-sized, show a clear transition between the muzzle and the front part. The shape of the muzzle resembles a rectangle. A feature provided by dogs is their elegant beard and mustache. On his head neatly placed hanging ears, which are allocated a certain fleshy. Wool cover dogs very hard. Sami hairs are long and often can be twisted. To breed inherent massive undercoat. There are different suits, mostly light brown shades, with black inserts, in addition there are solid black or gray color. Most pupils appreciate having spotted colorings (three or more colors).

Typical representatives of the mores of the variety is always courageous and resolute. During hunting dogs campaigns try to actively and vigorously implement all the tasks, so as not to let down their owners. But when the dogs from hunting back home, from hard-core hunters no trace remains, animals are cute and gentle creatures. These hounds are obedient and purposeful creatures, but they need to constantly train. Suitable as both hunter and as a pet.

The original purpose of the application is to help in the hunt, as the Bosnian coarsewooled hounds are suitable for any hunting areas. Due to their endurance, dogs are able to show their best qualities, not only the terrain, but also in places almost impassable. pets became later purchase as pets, such as dogs serve faithfully for the whole family.

Unfortunately, the representatives of the Bosnian grubosherstnoj hound species are not common outside of their homeland – Bosnia. In spite of their low level of popularity in the world, the dog did not belong to the rare species.

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