Australian kelpie, breed of dog

Photos, description breed dog Australian Kelpie, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description breed dog Australian Kelpie, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Representatives of the Australian Kelpie dog breed are very hardy dogs. In addition, for a long time, the animals are able to withstand the most extreme climatic conditions, while be without food and even without water.

Initially brought pets to Australia. Research has proven that the creation of the breed was produced thanks to the reconciliation of representatives of British fluffy sheep dogs (or, as they are called, Collie) and wild dog dingo. The founder of the species is the dog, which was called Kelpie, in his blood were the makings of a true northern Collie and a dingo. A similar version of the launch of the Australian Kelpie quite plausible, and therefore was officially learned by rote. If we translate the word “Kelpie” from the Gaelic language, we get – “water spirit”. Quite an interesting coincidence, given the fact that dogs really love the water, even after the long bathing their wool dries quickly, they are often nicknamed “watertight”. It is good to help them acclimatise in areas with a high level of humidity.

Consider the details Exterior Features pets. The design of the body is composed of harmoniously. Housing a narrow, markedly pronounced relief, elongated limbs, the head of the medium-sized, erect ears and tapered at the ends, which resembles the shape of a triangle. The average representative of the variety has a growth of about 50 centimeters. Often the head corresponds to the forms and proportions of the Huskies, but in any case no shepherd. Eyes darker shades, but rarely seen, and bright-eyed dog. Tail tidy, slightly lowered down, but when the dog plays or just overexcited, the tail rises quickly and takes the shape of the letter “c” or a small circle. Wool cover all parts of the Australian Kelpie is not very long, the dogs have abundant undercoat, which helps an animal to carry a high level of moisture and does not freeze in the cold seasons. Pet has the following suits: from gray shades with blue tints to various black-and-blue palette.

Representatives of the Australian Kelpie with great pleasure to be able to get used under the same roof with a large family, so they can be safely attributed to the type of family dogs. A typical temper dogs pretty calm, they are peaceful, are well in touch, do not hurt children, have good intellectual inclinations, so are able to learn how to perform any kind of job, in addition to training, the owners appreciate them for their dedication and courage.

The initial idea for the removal of Australian dogs had a desire in acquiring assistant pastures. Despite the fact that the dogs were taken only as Shepherds, there is no limit to their abilities. If the dog at a distance I heard the host team, they quickly begin to collect all the flock, it can often be seen as a shepherd dog ran along the top of the animal. It is also great kelpie manifest themselves as security guards, protectors, rescuers, even willing to serve as a seeing eye to blind people. In today’s world, dogs are as faithful and courageous law enforcement, searching drugs, hazardous substances or attacking criminals.

To date, a variety of Australian Kelpie is not recorded as a rare. In the homeland territories breeds listed about 80 thousand individuals, more spread all over the world. Due to the unique ability of shutter speed and quick acclimatization, dogs become happy in the most different corners of the world.

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