Australian Silky Terrier, the breed description

Photos, description breed dogs Australian Silky Terrier, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description breed dogs Australian Silky Terrier, characteristic for home breeding

Dogs Breed Australian Silky Terrier different mobility, agility, and also feature in appearance, which is incredibly soft and silky structure of the coat. Thanks to a special composition and type of wool, livestock and got its name. Initially, the dogs were called by other titles, which are also found in other sources. These include: Sidney snare (which translates as “Silky of Sydney”), as well as snare Terrier.

Creating represented species occurred in the first half of the 20th century on the territory of Australia, namely – in Sydney, from where originates one of the dogs names – “Sydney snares.” For the estimation of Australian silky terriers involved instances of Yorkshire terriers and Australian terriers. It is known that when the first representatives of the breed, all were struck by the appearance of the animals, so the dogs do not hesitate to take as participants for the different exhibition action, but the Australian species of standard officially established only in the second half of the 20th century (about 1959) .

Speaking about the external characteristics of animals, you can compare them to the conformation traits of ancestors – Terriers other lines. The only thing that is possible to distinguish, so it is the structural characteristics of the coat. The guard hairs have tiny silky terriers rather poorly developed, can not be said about the marked, silky and beautiful undercoat, which is different in length. The average growth in the pet has areas 25 cm, and the dogs weight is about 4-5 kg. Despite the fact that officially recognized the breed standard is the fact that the animals are small erect ears, in the generation of species are born with small items, but the drooping ears, similar to the same dog is fairly common. The main colors of wool covers are gray shades with blue tints, or vice versa – blue flowers with gray palettes, but the coat color is always tan.

Buying pet species represented can forget about bad mood, because bored with dogs just do not have to. Doggie cheerful, nimble, energetic, to the outside world are friendly, but at the same time bold defenders and assistants. For animals it is important to regularly use their energy reserves of active exercise, otherwise pets grieve, and may even get sick. With Australian Silky Terrier should always play and give them special attention, because at any age dogs are kids.

Initial launch plans have focused on the use of animals as a great rat-catchers, and also a good watchdog. To date, the use of dogs is aimed at a completely different direction, because the breed is considered a home and good company, love to play with the children, and to strangers kids are more friendly than hostile.

Representatives of Australian silky terriers today are registered in large numbers, making their species is not rare.

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