American hound

Photos, description American dog breed hound, characteristic for cultivation at home

Photos, description American dog breed hound, characteristic for cultivation at home

Different sources can be found, and another name for the American hound dog breed – American Foxhound.

The history of the origin of species begins in the second half of the 17th century, when the territory of the States brought ancestors of these animals. Breeding species represented happened reproductive crossing of the English and French copies beagle breeds. One of the representatives of the new generation of the dog fell into the hands of the American president, then he is considered the founder of the American hounds.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the species represented. So many pets are inherent in external conformity with their distant relatives, but there are also some differences in appearance. US officials are more elegant, they are able to move quickly, but also demonstrate excellent quality snuff. As for the body, it is more elegant and harmonious. The average pet has increasing from 50 cm to 60 cm and weighs about 20 kilograms. Bone system is sufficiently powerful and massive, especially allocated size of the skull and a large bow back. The eyes are often brown, large and expressive. In the head area lugs placed hanging oval that abundantly pressed to the head itself. The tail is quite thin, gracefully lifted and gently bent down. The body is covered with short wool cover having a certain rigid structure. Mastitis among American hound breed found quite a lot, so there are no restrictions on colors.

Typical varieties of manners are as calm and restraint dogs. The attitude to the world of animals kind, gentle when they are at home, that differ only goodwill, but this does not apply to their behavior in nature. Being in harmony with nature, pets show all their abilities activity and excellent hunting qualities. Unlike other types of hounds, house trained and very easy to control pets, despite their, in some measure, disobedience.

Regarding the use of the representatives of the American hound species, they are incredible hunters of wild animals. In the distant past, with the help of dogs searched the Indians. When you purchase a similar pet, keep in mind that they require a lot of attention and they also need a specially designated area where they can play, run, and do it. Especially valuable find animals to become active owners.

Speaking about the promotion and propagation of the species known American hounds dogs slightly, mainly their habitat is limited to the territories of America. As a rare species, this breed is not fixed, so only in the world where a lot of them, unfortunately, is not known.

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