Bloodhound, a description of dog breeds

Bloodhound breed dogs, description, characteristics and photos

Bloodhound breed dogs, description, characteristics and photos

Presented dogs also called the original name as the dog saint Gebert. This variant is distinguished from others by their aristocratic manners character, besides the animals are very proud and have a high self-esteem.

Unfortunately, no information about the original origin story is not, but it is also evidence of a very ancient lineage. In addition, many dog ​​experts have put forward their own versions of the appearance of animals. Some of them believe that the first copies of the presented species were born during the time of the 9th century, in the French territories. The original ancestors were hounds bloodhound dogs Mesopotamian origin, who served humanity long before Christ was born, and a new era began.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the species represented. So dogs characterized by smooth coat, the body design of the massive animals. Features varieties are available and long hanging ears, they are low, respectively, with the head, feel the hairs on the delicate, graceful and very Mjaken’kaja. dogs Tail pretty massive: thick and elongated. The colors of the coat of the breed there are various, but the painted hair, all parts, solid color. The most popular animals with shades of black & brown or brown color with delicate red tints.

Specific manners animals stand out due to their energetic attitude and approach to all these challenges. Exterior somehow points to the absolute flegmatizm by pets, but looks, as they say, is deceptive. Owners describe their pets as a loyal and true friends, who quickly become attached to their owners. Animals are very stubborn, which can affect their obedience and life in general, so initially raising the puppies should be engaged in a rigorous and wise mentor, and start learning from an early age is necessary. dogs are often used to search for harmful substances or people, they are very popular in police circles. For dog training should be taken seriously, and not showing too much aggression. Interestingly, a representative of the variety barks in his own way, with the help of which will attack prey.

Originally used as a kind of in a good hunter, because dogs unmatched flair for the game. hunters often took with them bloodhound not catch prey, and to search for it. Buy yourself like a friend not everyone is capable of, because with the new occupant of your possessions, you will be also responsible. The animals require careful and regular maintenance, especially for wool puppies. Wool cover must constantly comb, despite the fact that they have short hairs. Dogs should be brushed daily, bathe special means, be sure to walk them and to provide the opportunity to throw out the accumulated energy. For individuals who do not have time to care for pets, representatives of the Bloodhound is better not to start.

Today, livestock breed blandhaund spread more and more on all the continents, so they are not rare dogs.

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