Andalusian inn piper

Photos, description dog breed Andalusian inn piper, characteristic for breeding

Photos, description dog breed Andalusian inn piper, characteristic for breeding

Various sources are found other names Andalusian tavern rat-catchers, as Andalusian ratonero and ratonero bodiguero.

The story of the origin of the species presented begins at the southern part of Spain, in the second half of the 18th century. Distant relatives Andalusians were varied line of terriers, which had the small size of the body. Immediately after the removal of the breed, the dogs demonstrated their unique features, which include the ability to catch and kill a lot of rats and mice in a relatively short period of time, relatively speaking, it is a sign and contributed to the formation of the main title of the breed. In the early stages of breeding used only items that have the white coloring of the coat, which differ by the presence of small spots of black or red color. By the onset of the 20th century representatives of this species have become quite independent and unusual breed. With the selection of the method to the blood Andalusian tavern rat-catchers have added the blood of the Terriers, which is why, in the final results, a kind of re-revived.

Consider the exterior features of the variety. The average pupils have enough little weight from 8 kg to 12 kg and height is about 40 dogs sm. Coat all parts of bright colors, and is especially prized dogs pure white flowers with the presence of small spots on the sides, head or neck area, there are black spots or red shades. Hairs are smooth, pleasant to the touch. Head of pets medium sized muzzle quite wide, the jaw is very strong. Animal Ears neatly placed, hanging, resemble the shape of a triangle. The tail section is often subject to cupping, and the process is best left to professionals, but there are breeds that have short tails at birth. In addition, representatives of the Andalusian variety of well developed muscles. Especially evident relief on the neck, chest and hind legs.

Speaking about typical customs dogs can characterize them as a lovely, peaceful and fun pets. Excellent fit animals as pets, as perfectly get on with people. Owners should remember that Andalusians are in need of constant motion, they just need some way to spent, all their energy is very playful dog and unbelievable restless. Due to the distant relatives presented species that became the founders of the breed, the animals immediately react to the slightest noise or minimal movement than most are able to catch the pest. In domestic dogs quickly become attached to the property owner and will be the best companions, friends, not only for adults but also for children, which is why the breed belongs to the family type.

The original purpose of the application consisted of hunting trips on small animals, like foxes, badgers or rats. Over time, the basic methods of application have become less practical, so take pets in restaurants, ports, or other similar places, where there was a need to get rid of rats or mice. Thanks agility and small size dogs can perfectly coexist in urban apartment or larger houses, always delighting all the family members.

On the eve of the 21st century (about 1997), a kind of rat-catchers Andalusian tavern recognized as a separate breed, so their numbers are quite large. The most popular and the prevalence of famous dogs in Italy, Argentina and Portugal.

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