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Photos, description breed dog Afghan hound, characteristic for cultivation and maintenance of the house

Photos, description breed dog Afghan hound, characteristic for cultivation and maintenance of the house

Variety of Afghan hounds extraordinarily beautiful, with graceful limbs, their fur is different in length and gloss, and the history of the origin of the breed is considered to be very ancient. In addition to the representation of names, from various sources are also found other titles, such as bakhmull.

Provenance Afghan dogs are so old that their existence has allowed for the times BC. Some dog experts argue that pupils participated in the Flood, because it took them with him in the ark of Noah. Naturally, such a statement is more like fiction, but exactly know all the details of visiting species impossible. One thing is certain, Afghan Hounds are among the most ancient in the world. Over time, the representatives of the breed was divided into two lines. The first category consists of puppies that were previously bred in the East, namely – in Afghanistan, and the second includes those dogs that are cultivated in the territories of the West and America. There are certain assumptions about the creation of pets allowed, dogs are fused reproductive crossing herding and hunting representatives.

Consider the exterior features of ancient animals. Build powerful enough pets. Dogs have a long and strong limbs. The head part of a medium-sized, neatly placed on the head not long droopy ears. Several elongated muzzle. The average dog has an increase from 60 cm to 70 cm. The body looks very harmonious, reminiscent of a square shape. The chest is large and deep. Wool cover completely covers the entire body structure. Hairs may be slightly twisted, wool generally luxurious, smooth, pleasant to the touch. Colours are varied, it is directly linked to the ancient origins of the breed, as the suit is constantly varied. The peculiarity of appearance among animals is the presence of the beautiful “mask”, which are also the colors are different.

Foster dogs must be from an early age under the guidance and, as a mistake while educating, in the results of pets become cocky, headstrong, stubborn and disobedient. Animals are well versed in the people, when they feel the weakness in character, it is easy to use it.

The process of reproductive crossing between a shepherd dog, and the dog-hunter, the higher the measure will appear on the specific customs of pets, as they are observed in the blood as the shepherds and hunting characteristics. In order to perform the duties of the shepherds or hunters, Afghan Hound is no need to learn. In areas of Eastern countries for dogs and there will always be a robot application, but in Europe, as the pets are cute creatures home. Despite their massive body structure, certain oddities in specific manners, dog perfectly manifest themselves as loyal and devoted friends, and they are often referred to as the decorative direction.

Introduced a variety of Afghan hounds own history won many hearts, so be indifferent to this breed impossible. Due to the characteristic of the ancient unshakable morals, beautiful exterior features dogs are popular and widely distributed around the world. For rare species do not belong.

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