Dog Breed Basset red bretansky (Breton), a description

For dogs presented species characteristic elongated body design, as well as pets inherent rich red coloring. Often the name of the particle «bretansky” is replaced by the word “Breton”.

Dog breeds Basset bretanskyy (Breton), description, descriptions and photos of Contents

Dog breeds Basset bretanskyy (Breton), description, descriptions and photos of Contents

The origin story red bretansky Basset starts from representatives bretanskih griffins. Since this breed belongs to the Beagle direction, basset puppies have inherited some of the exterior features of the respective hounds. For example, it is inherent brahipodichnost (in other words, inherent in them too short and often crooked legs).

Let us consider in more detail exterior features provided by dogs. The average pet has growth from 25 cm to 35 cm, and weight in this case is approximately 15 kg. The breed is unique in its short limbs, dry body structure, housing a few elongated and wide, deep chest and a massive, arched lumbar region. Characteristic for them brahipodichnye limbs are straight, but there are animals with curved legs, both legs widely placed. The head part of a medium-sized, at the end of the muzzle slightly narrowed. Varieties characterized by the presence of the parietal ridge and on the nape of the presence of a small hillock. On his head gently placed a medium-sized hanging ears, which are a little stand near the base, often the ears are placed at the level of large and expressive eyes, dark in color. Wool cover stands rigid, hairs long enough and pleasant to the touch. Suits in the rock found mostly red, but there are absolutely different variations of tones and shades of red color. In the area of ​​the chest allowed specks of white.

With regard to the specific customs dogs, they are very hardy, patient and loyal pets. Perfectly suited for a family of content, because the rock refers to the peace-loving, friendly and loyal animals. In addition, dogs are undemanding in habitat, so they can be easily kept in a small house or apartment, the main thing regularly allow a pet to throw out their energy. If you can not engage in hunting basset direction should be carried out with the puppies permanent training. Education plays best at an early age.

Initially red bretanskih Basset used as helpers in hunting expeditions. As hunters, the dogs showed their best qualities, they can be easily moved in the marshlands can quietly sneak through the thickets. Time passed, and today many get a dog represented species as pets, despite their hunting abilities, because they have an unusual appearance, originality and dedication. In everyday life for pets interesting to watch, play with them and teach something new, because the animals enough executive.

Modern representatives of red bretanskih or Breton Bassett are becoming increasingly popular. The most common dog in the territories of Great Britain and France. By a rare dog breeds are not.

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