White Shepherd breed description

Description White Shepherd, characteristics, content and photos

Description White Shepherd, characteristics, content and photos

After reading the name, it becomes clear by the fact why the dogs so named because the main reason for this is their coloring the coat. While pets and have all the relevant shepherds, they are significantly different from the others for its delicate colors.

Provenance provided variety originates in the German territories, dogs spread later in America and Canada. Breed Breeding occurred in the first half of the 20th century. Looking at the exterior of white shepherd dogs, you can see their relationship with the German shepherds, that is not enough, because they are distant ancestors of animals. Initially create such creatures no one had planned, just once in a litter were seen puppies completely white color, which were previously in Germany count the hermits and their color – a significant disadvantage, but American breeders that the Germans considered disabilities took for dignity and seriously engaged breeding of white shepherds. Today the breed is so popular and beloved, even in Germany, there are many fans provided variety.

Consider the exterior features white shepherds. Construction pets body looks very harmonious, proportional to the body. The average pet has growth from 55 cm to 65 cm, and weight in this case is approximately 30 kg. The head part of a medium-sized, somewhat elongated snout and wide, on the head placed small erect ears. Wool Animal cover features a unique color, as pets have a snow-white coat color that is not inherent in the standard lines of dogs. Sami hairs are long, wavy, there are both hard and soft, pleasant to the touch. Note: the whiter the shepherd – the thoroughbred she said.

Specific manners that are inherent presented varieties, distinguished courage, bravery, they are very determined and advance mulling all actions. With the right upbringing, dog obedience, diligence and act on commands. By familiar to people are friendly and reserved, but when meeting a stranger – show aggression. Since genetically dogs are inherent in the makings of a watchman and a predator, pupils perform their duties perfectly, protecting not only the owners, but also all the possessions. In an emergency, act immediately and always faithfully protect the owners from danger, even if we are talking about the price of their own lives.

Initially used dogs in a variety of ways: they are excellent guides of smart search engines (help security agencies to calculate the dangerous substances or to help in the search for bandits), and also serve as the brave rescuers. Standard use of the representatives of the white sheep-dog is the protection of property and they take part in different directions competitions. Owners describe their pets as a true and wise friends, who did not throw in trouble.

The popularity and proliferation of white shepherd dogs is significantly lower than the representatives of the German shepherd (often this is due to different colors), but the dog did not belong to the rare species.

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