Alpine Taksoobrazny Brakk, breed of dog

Photo, dog breed description Alpine (Austria) taksoobrazny Brakk, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photo, dog breed description Alpine (Austria) taksoobrazny Brakk, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

In addition to the representation of names in different sources there are other titles of the variety: the Austrian Brakk, daksbrakke Alpine, Alpine Rudnogorsk Brakk and Greyhound.

Accordingly, the origin of the line Alpine beagle dogs, the occurrence of the light alpine taksoobraznyh Bracco has its origins in the second half of the 19th century. Presented species were previously particles joint line of dogs, but the last twenty years they have begun to share with each other due to some exterior signs. The main reasons for separation were different sizes of the body structure. The initial goal of breeding the variety was to create helpers for hunting trips on small animals that lived in the mountain areas. Pets are considered to be excellent companions and helpers rangers or hunters.

The average pet has increasing from 40 cm to 50 cm. Bone system is sufficiently solid and strong. Wool cover dogs characterized by thick and rather short hairs, which are abundantly oppressed to the body, undercoat is almost imperceptible, and minimally developed. Compared with hairs on the whole body, the hairs are longest in the region of the thighs, as well as the abdominal portion. On the inner side of the caudal region wool pretty tough, so it forms a massive brush. The head of the neat shapes with beautiful hanging ears. Limbs of medium length, straight and proportionate. The colors of the coat there are diverse, it is accompanied by a long-term habitat rocks and numerous reproductive crossing pets. Ranging from black and tan to dark red color. There are also representatives of the Alpine taksoobraznyh Bracco with white spots on the body, but these features are considered disabilities exterior.

Those who already lives pet species represented, should be aware that in addition to good hunting qualities, dogs also have excellent quality defense. Compared to many other alpine species taksoobraznye Bracco very attentive and peaceful, kindly accept new people into your life. Despite the fact that dogs can live in harmony with man, some of the dog handlers do not welcome the content of the dogs in a city apartment. Chasing favorites with a powerful sound, they love to bark. Especially prized dog hunters, because to take with such companions hunting pleasure.

Good animals cope with the conduct of hunting hares and foxes, as this small forest animals, which are the easiest to catch. It seems that the features of a true hunter pets flow in the veins, because at any place they feel at ease, even on the most awkward areas. When the representative of the common varieties of beagles can cripple in a particular area, then the Alpine taksoobraznyh Bracke no places where they feel uncomfortable. In addition, representatives of this species are not only fresh tracks, but also easy to find on the cool tracks. Ferrets and bred in apartments and private homes, but proved if the dogs do not use their own hunting qualities that are transmitted to them by genetics, animals are constantly sad and be less active and cheerful, what actually are.

Meet the Alpine taksoobraznyh Bracco maybe not everywhere, because they are rare dog breeds. The main habitat of pets is the area of ​​Austria.

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