Azores Cattle dog breed

Photos, description Azores Cattle dog breed, characteristic for cultivation and maintenance of the house

Photos, description Azores Cattle dog breed, characteristic for cultivation and maintenance of the house

Representatives of the breeds of dogs shepherd Azorean take proper beginning of the territories of the island of San Miguel, which is in Portugal and is part of the Azores group (hence the species name sounds like). Speaking of professional breeding of this breed, then it actually began recently. Compared to many species, dogs have enough Azorean ancient origins and their roots go far back into the past. The original objectives were to removal to create a trained guard dogs, which could serve as shepherds, combining it with the protection of cattle, namely the inhabitants of Portugal in need of such pets. If we talk about the global spread notion species of animals can be found quite rarely, because dogs are not overly unique in the world there are many different herding dogs that adapt to different environmental conditions. Recognition MAC Azorean shepherd dog was on the eve of the 21st century, in 1995.

Consider the exterior features of the representatives of the breed. The average pet has increasing from 50 cm to 60 cm and weighs about 25 kg – 35 kg. The evidence suggests that much of the massiveness of the Constitution, do not own a dog, except that it is characterized by high growth. The colors of the coat are completely different, so do not identify the principal suit. The fact that ancient breed for a long time lived alone, which was the cause of their permanent reproductive mating, and this, in turn, influenced the frequent variation features pets, including on the coat color. Themselves hairs differ exquisite luster and smoothness, they are short and tight.

In contrast to the conventional varieties, the Azores Cattle Dogs have a strict temperament and resistance characteristic of morals, besides the animals are considered to be virtually fearless and courageous. Feeling even a minimal probability of a potential threat, dog instantly show their own quality attentive watchdog. To breed representatives of the breed, it is necessary to know in advance about all the features of the animal. The quality of security services, which are provided doggie always at a high level, therefore accordingly should be their content. Previously, the independent existence of pets seen now as independent and freedom-loving dogs, but dressiruya pets from birth, it is possible to achieve some results, but perhaps this is stocking a lot of patience, because the task is not easy. Especially difficult is the owner, who took control of adult pet, then the task becomes much more complicated. Different animals and distrust, so that they can open up the owner should try and find a way to win the trust dogs.

The original use of the pupils presented species is their intended purpose – to protect and control the large herds. Azores Cattle Dogs are facial features Cattle Dogs. Over time, people began to notice and other abilities pupils, who also started using. For example, big game hunting. Nowadays grazing is becoming smaller, but it does not mean that the application submitted by species declined because excellent modern instances help to protect the owners or simply play the role of caretaker. Despite the fact that the animal requires constant nursing care, to the environment dog completely unpretentious. So, they can safely live on the street and eat a simple diet.

Although pets are well known all over the world, their existence is limited to the territory of Portugal, because virtually anywhere animals can not live outside their homeland. Azores Cattle Dogs have a very ancient origin, if many centuries ago, the number of animals have been numerous, but nowadays the number of pupils has decreased significantly. The acquisition of this species specimens expensive, so possession like pets underlines the status and material wealth owners.

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