Brundle Brakk, breed of dog

Photos, description dog breed Brandl Brakk, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description dog breed Brandl Brakk, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Dogs breed Brandl Brakk (Austrian Hound) is very unusual and devotees. Because they are hunting the direction in hunting expeditions great pets specialize in search of the blood trail.

Provenance provided varieties begins in the second half of the 19th century. Unfortunately, there are no exact facts about the breeding Brandl Brakk. Dog experts admit that the following species were involved in the creation of dogs: German Shepherds, Polish light and Czechoslovak hounds. Originally from generation to generation Brandl Brakk born exclusively with characteristic bright red coloring of the coat, but over time the suit varied, so today you can meet animals and many other colors.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the variety. The design of the body is powerful enough and more broad. The average pet has increasing from 45 cm to 55 cm and weight in this case is approximately 25 kg. The body is like a little square shape. Chest convex and rather massive abdominal region tightened. The muzzle of the trunk on the background looks a bit small, placed her beautiful and intelligent eyes. On his head neatly arranged hanging ears, like small triangles that are rounded at the tips. The cotton cover is very smooth and pleasant to the touch, abundant adjacent to the torso, hairs themselves fairly short and a bit tough. The colors of wool are found mainly different shades of red. In addition, you can see the tiger prints, which are characterized by the presence of black masks.

The nature of representatives Brandl Brakk different tenderness and sensitivity, pets are very attentive, and demonstrate perseverance and dedication in carrying out assigned tasks. Breed taxing on habitat conditions, as well as dogs have a high level of endurance. Perfect as a faithful companion, but for a long time get used to people. Dogs executive and erudite, to achieve good results in training, you must begin to train at an early age, with patience. All further qualities of character can be developed through education.

Initially deduced this breed as a hunting dog, who specialized in finding lame game, then there was the blood trail. The most successful show animals to work with wild boars, foxes and hares. As hunters, Brandl Brakk perfectly cope with their responsibilities, achieve your goals. After the shot was fired, the dog ran in search of the wounded victim and, after its capture, waiting patiently for their owners. If there is a need, then they work with sound, and sometimes – without, however, everything depends on the originally specified commands.

Despite the fact that every year the number of presented species decreases, dogs do not relate to rare species.

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