Aidi, breed of dog

Photos, description Aidi dog breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description Aidi dog breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Origin representatives Aidi dog breeds can be compared with close to them by the Portuguese, and Spanish Mastiff dogs. Some studies have shown that the variety of instances were brought by the Phoenicians in Morocco a lot of centuries ago. Other facts argue that animals presented breeds exported from Spain, part of Portugal and Italy. The focus is concentrated on the processes common interactions with dogs Portuguese mastiffs. In general, the origin of species quite controversial in the circles of scholars, but still the majority insists that Aidi created themselves independently, as well as a variety of dingoes. Title provided breed – “Aidi” translated from Berber language is translated as “some” (in their native language, the word “only” is pronounced as “Idan”).

Consider the exterior characteristics of the canine line. The design of the constitution pet pretty solid, especially stand out limbs. The average pet has increasing from 55 cm to 65 cm. Thick woolen cover animals enough allocated rough undercoat, which is particularly long on the tail, but short hairs all over the body area. The colors there are different, the main of them pure white, speckled, brown, bright red or original saturated black. Since the suit in the rock vary widely, there is a certain demand for coat color, but all parts of the preferred pure bright colorings.

Owners who have representatives Aidi species, describe their own favorites as the peace-loving and good-natured creatures that are very different from many other herding dogs. They are safe to take with you on the way, because they are excellent companions, in addition they are easy to train, so pets will certainly become assistants in all learn something. Presented different kind of always gentle and docile disposition characteristic, in this case, they are often taken as a family pet because pets get along very well with all family members, not representing any threat. Despite the fact that at first glance appear to be dog calm and obedient, the character can not underestimate them, because often the animals can be stubborn, insist on personal principles and strive to make decisions.

The original use of the representatives of the species Aidi was that in order to provide security guard services for nomads living in Morocco, as well as their own possessions. The main objectives of pets have been searching for the snakes that live in the desert and Spending hunting jackals. In addition, the dogs of this line took with them on hunting processes together with the greyhounds, where they played an important role: the victims were driven. Due to the sensitive qualities of snuff, animals expelled victims and later passed the case in the greyhounds paws. Over time, appeared and other abilities Aidi dogs. For example today, they are excellent guards and watchdogs, besides the animals preserved their original quality of a shepherd dog, so they can easily cope with a large herd of cattle. The best items are popular among the police, military or hunting process as easy to learn and have a high level of endurance.

Meet the dogs Aidi just walking down the street is difficult, because they are listed as a rather rare species. Due to the fact that the existence of pets is minimal, just recently established a club of the amateurs breed Aidi, which ponders the continued existence of the scheme of generation, as well as increasing popularity and animal reproduction.

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