Akbash, breed of dog

Photos, description Akbash dog breed, characteristic for cultivation at home

Photos, description Akbash dog breed, characteristic for cultivation at home

You can often hear the representatives of the Akbash breed is called, and other titles as “Anatolian Shepherd Dog” or “Turkish guard dog.”

The origin of pupils is very exciting, it refers to the sub-Anatolian shepherd dogs, of which there are only three. The initial area where first appeared, and there is time, livestock, is Turkey. As for the details of origin of the species is known about this a little bit, and no historical record has been preserved. Admitted the assumption that ancient ancestors of the species are represented by hounds, and they, in their own place, in their blood have the makings of a Mesopotamian hunting dogs.

Consider the exterior characteristics of Representatives Akbash species. External features of pets can be compared with the characteristics of the Kurdish shepherds. The average pet has increasing from 65 cm to 75 cm, while the weight is about 45 kg-50 kg. The whole area of ​​the body is covered with abundant wool cloak themselves hairs of medium length, highlighted the presence of a thick undercoat. Suits meet completely different: due to the fact that the species is quite old, their appearance is often varied on a variety of reasons, the reproductive mating, but still the most popular dial colors white wool cover.

Probably all dog breeds are characterized by a unique structure of the mind, independent-minded and have a desire for independence, in addition pets are sometimes very stubborn. Despite the fact that dogs are placed in training, education must be strict, with limited regulations, and best of all engaged in education in the early stages of growing up. If you want to buy a representative of the breed as a family pet Akbash, should take into account the potential for aggression to other family members and outsiders. Later, when the dog behaved, the ability to listen to the owners, but to leave them with the children still quite dangerous.

The original use of the representatives of the canine line consisted of taking part in the dog fights. Today, the little dog became so peaceful that it is difficult to imagine them in any such competition. In modern times less use of their innate quality of the shepherds, but pets are often used as an excellent watchdogs.

The number of rock above the average, which indicates that the species is not considered rare.

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