Belgian Brakk, breed of dog

Photos, description dog breed Belgian Brakk, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description dog breed Belgian Brakk, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

In addition to the representation of names in different sources as this breed of dog called a Belgian Brakk: Belgian Shorthaired Pointer. The uniqueness of these dogs is their endurance, as pets have unusual colorings the coat and beautiful appearance.

Provenance of Belgian Bracke started accidentally, and accurate facts about their creation there remain only assumptions that led puppies using reproductive crossing starodatskoy a gun, as well as the blue Gascon hound varieties. The outcomes were born cute and incredibly beautiful animals. The original purpose of the application is the additional aid for hunting trips, but over time, in Belgium (where they were bred Belgian Bracco), is gaining popularity is another dog hunting line, whose members fully infringed indigenous Belgians.

Consider the exterior features of the representatives of the Belgian Bracke. The average pet has increasing from 65 cm to 75 cm and weighs about 25 kg. The design of the body and a few extra features correspond to the appearance of the animal French Brakk direction, but significant differences are in suits, forming faces, as well as a much greater weight than that of the French variety. The head of the dogs sufficiently large size and wide. The line of transition from the muzzle to the frontal area is less visible than that of the French Bracco. On his head gently placed a medium-sized ears, slightly lowered down and completely covered with rather short hairs. The greatest pride is represented by pupils in color as a thick sprinkling, which is available in white color, so it can often seem that the dog have a gray suit. The colors are rich black specks, or various shades of brown, spots are different sizes, but with age, pets are becoming more.

Dog owners persistent characteristic disposition, hardy animals, calm and patient, but they know exactly when they need to show their aggression and persistently. As previously pupils were involved in the hunt, they are implicitly executed all team owners and purposefully move to the main goal. Despite the fact that later as a hunting dog, Belgian Bracke not used because there were better alternatives, but acute hunting instincts in dogs inhere and transmitted genetically. As a family pet, the Belgians are very active, constantly seeking to play and throw out their energy in every way, and they need a private area that should be considered when purchasing these puppies.

We used a variety of provided only in certain aspects of hunting, as the breed is not universal. Animals played the role of search engine production, but not used for the rut, or persecution, because of the fact that they can not develop high speed, but with regard to endurance, it is important, why Belgian Bracke could have been looking for prey. It is also famous for the high livestock flair, thanks to which they can smell the victims at greater distances. I love them many rangers from the fact that the dog is moving purposefully towards the goal, regardless of the obstacles.

Representatives of the Belgian Bracke almost completely superseded other breeds cops. Such a displacement effect on the number of species, which is why today the variety entered the FCI (FCI) in the list of endangered dog lines. Nowadays, every instance of Belgian origin of dogs considered to be very valuable, we hope that soon the number of rocks increases, and she pets disappear.

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