Brazilian Fila, breed of dog

Photos, description dog breed Fila Brasileiro, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description dog breed Fila Brasileiro, characteristic for home breeding

Initially, representatives of removing dogs Fila Brasileiro breed included the establishment of the breed, pets that might just serve as a true and loyal friends, for any assistance they are not displayed. Previously, the most closely related species were represented by Brazilian rasteadory, unfortunately, to date the rock belongs to a rare and is on the verge of extinction can not be said about the Brazilian filah.

Origin of species begins in South America. Using the method of reproductive crossing between themselves were connected instances gubertovoy, Spanish hound dog line, and Mastiff. In the early stages, the main breeding puppies wealthy colonists engaged in Spain or Portugal, which are hard to develop all kinds of quality of a true friend, not hunters or guards, assistants and so on. Despite this, the popular dog and were among the guards, hunters or shepherds. Later, there were lovers of the breed, who tried to develop the quality of hunting, so in the end, a small group of pupils approached pickling direction.

Let us now consider the external features of the breed Fila Brasileiro. Compared with many breeds, pets are reasonably tall, harmonious and powerful physique; their body structure may give way except that the massive mastiff varieties that have been bred in Great Britain, they also have longer legs, but in general the animals many matches. The average pet has increasing from 65 cm to 75 cm and weight in this case is approximately 50 kg. The head of the dog is fairly massive, with a beautiful line goes from the forehead to the attractive face, on the head and placed a small crest and the occipital protuberance. Breed is inherent in the presence of several inverted flews. The neck is strong enough, it is possible to observe the little wrinkles that may be on the side areas of the head. Ears are like small triangles and neatly hang. The eyes are large and expressive. Wool cover Brazilian Fila is very thick, and a few short hairs. Parts meet all dogs solid colors, the rarest representatives have pure white or gray color. In addition, you can often find puppies with tiger outline. Breed characterized by the presence of white spots in the chest, tail or limbs.

Specific manners for Brazilians largely correspond to the initial breeding purposes, because the animals are very loyal to their owners, attentive and courageous. They need to act carefully, because sometimes they are trying so hard to protect the owners or ownership that may go a certain line. In order to know how to properly distribute pets their energy costs from an early age to educate them under the guidance of the wise owner. Even basic things, such as the behavior in society in dogs must be educated because they have long become accustomed to other doggies or people, and if it is ignored, then in the future, livestock will not be able to communicate with other individuals, except for those who have tamed them. Pets are also not very hospitable, as are wary of strangers.

Initially, representatives of the Brazilian Fila used as a faithful companion, but experience has shown that dogs can also act as hunters, shepherds or watchmen. Do not keep dogs locked up, they definitely need to provide personal space that they can regularly throw out the accumulated energy.

By a rare dog breeds are not relevant, but very popular and provided a variety of uses.

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