Brabant Griffon, breed of dog

Photos, description of Brabant Griffon dog breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description of Brabant Griffon dog breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Outside Brabant Griffon is often compared with the Belgian Griffons dogs. It should be noted that compliance with both species are not random, because they are distant cousins ​​and have a history of origin.

The first representatives of Brabant Griffon appeared in the first half of the 19th century. For their removal involved dogs Yorkshire Terrier, affen pinscher, dwarf schnauzer pugs, as well as several other dog lines like, however, to create a Belgian griffons.

Consider the exterior features of presented dogs. As well as the origin, and the same good looks, pets have many correspondences with their relatives, only a woolen blanket Belgians shorter, but still hard. In addition, there are differences in the colors of animals, as brabarntsy have rich black hair with light tan or the various shades of red hairs. In addition, frequent black masks canine species represented, but this The exterior feature is considered a disadvantage. The frontal area of ​​several convex and looks very cute with a beard and mustache, though often it gives the animals a kind of angry. The tail is small, but it is necessary to stop, and there is a need to stop ears doggies.

His character is unique pets as dogs absolutely not vindictive, on the contrary, wish you nothing but good, so it is not inherent wickedness, and it is practically difficult to educate. Puppies are all perceived quite emotionally, as they say, “to heart”, so with these lovely creatures should behave loyally. In addition, non-stop variety inherent in charge of optimism, they were surprised by their curious and intellectual abilities. Especially well they train, because from infancy animals are distinguished by their sense of duty. Quickly get used to new people and welcome the guests with joy. By the owners are so strongly attached that without them do practically nothing but constantly they are persecuted and want to help.

Today apply pets as animals decorative direction, but never arrogant, and especially important for them to become faithful and loyal friends for their owners. It is recommended to start Brabant Griffon as a family pet, they are loyal to all members and friends of the family, like to play with the children.

Representatives Brabant Griffon belong to rare species, they are not very popular, and circulated only within their homeland. Fortunately, today there are more lovers of the breed, so we hope to further increase the number and wide distribution outside their place of breeding dogs cute Brabant.

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