Bosnian coarse-hound

Photos, description of dog breeds Bosnian coarse-hound, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description of dog breeds Bosnian coarse-hound, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Bosnian coarse wool hounds dogs are distinguished by their unpretentious to the environment and conditions, in addition famous pets due to their unique and melodious barking.

About all the details of the origin of species represented by dogs known small enough, in fact, there are only assumptions. Many dog ​​experts believe that the breed was developed with the help of other dog lines Canes areas that were previously imported into the territory of Bosnia, the action takes place in the first half of the 19th century. Before our time very popular Bosnian dogs do not enjoy, and even bred them only within their homeland.

Let us consider in more detail the external features of the Bosnian grubosherstnyh hounds. The average pet has increasing from 45 cm to 55 cm and weighs about 20 kg. Most pupils take part in various exhibitions processes, but for making them must adhere to certain standards, which are as follows: increase in dogs does not exceed 90% of the body length; head of the medium-sized, has a clear and obvious forms of transition between the muzzle and the frontal area; muzzle like a rectangle; color neatly placed beautiful ears that hang down, they differ massiveness; characteristic of the breed is the presence of a mustache and beard. Wool cover provided by the variety so hard that it seems rather hairs animals grow long bristles. To cover is characterized by an abundant undercoat. Colours wool found among a variety of pets, especially appreciated hairs yellows, solid gray or black color saturated color. In addition, there are spotty or Bosnian tri-color dog.

The inherent nature of the doggies boldness and determination. During hunting trips, animals vigorously carry out all the tasks and purposefully reach goals. When they are at home, you behave calmly, without too much aggression and enjoy quiet vacation with family members. Dogs are loyal to all, just long enough to get used to strangers showing some caution. Instil a better deal from an early age, puppies are predisposed to training. The way of life faithfully serve their owners.

Initially, the application provided the variety is to assist in hunting trips, the use of dogs for all hunting areas. The uniqueness of the breed is that doggie almost unpretentious and very hardy, so long periods are able to work not only on rough terrain, but also in difficult areas. Of course, like many other pets, the Bosnian representatives will be loyal to your friends and associates for their owners.

For the territories of Bosnia, a species not known virtually nothing, not to mention the fact that the Bosnian grubosherstnyh beagle instances have the opportunity to meet the restrictions, their homeland. Despite this, animals are widely popular and dogs do not belong to the rare breed.

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