Grand Griffon Vendeen

Photos, description dog breed Griffon Vendeen, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description dog breed Griffon Vendeen, characteristic for home breeding

In France, where the dogs were bred varieties represented, they were given an interesting nickname that sounds like a “royal white dog.”

Produced breed of dog, as already recalled in the French territories – namely, in the department that is called the Vendee. In order to create such wonderful puppies were required to combine using the method of reproductive crossing, copies of the following lines of dog: bloodhound, niveriyskie Griffons and Italian pointers. In the final results, the new dog was withdrawn, with special conformation unique.

Let us consider in more detail the external features of the Grand Griffon Vendeen. The uniqueness of their appearance is expressive and pierce the eyes, in the pride of posture and harmonious proportional addition of the trunk. The average pet has increasing from 55 cm to 65 cm and weight in this case is approximately 20 kg-25 kg. The head of the elongated, placed on the head beautiful and intelligent eyes, neat and refined ears that are completely covered with hair. The body is powerful enough, massive limbs and also covered with shaggy and long hairs. The colors of the coat of the breed there are two or three colors as well as different shades. Note: The hair should not be too fluffy, because the members of this species is considered a significant drawback of the exterior.

A typical temper Grand Griffon Vendeen different activity, boldness, but, most importantly, their hot lines that are laid at the genetic level, which is why pets can not stay in one place for a few seconds, constantly moving and dangle. Smart owners reformat their energy in the right direction, raising dogs need to be addressed at an early age. Also when purchasing pet species represented, should take into account their excessive excitability, dogs are best suited for people who have time to deal with them.

Initial findings breed for hunting trips to the birds, though, it’s been quite a few years, a kind still in use in this area. Be sure to take into account the features of Grand Griffon Vendeen, because often they do not efficiently allocate their strength, and at first hunting can spend all the energy, which is why later in need of rest. In addition, dogs are impatient, but with proper training, they are able to perform all the tasks and dedication to please the owner. For all the practice it has been proven that the dog is ideal for daytime hunting trips, because later they become passive, tired and needed several hours to recover their strength, which will only hinder the hunt.

For rare species, a variety of Grand Griffon Vendeen does not apply. According to a large extent, achieved the widespread popularity of the breed in the French territories abroad virtually impossible to meet the animals.

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