Brussels Griffon, breed of dog

Photos, description dog breed Brussels Griffon, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description dog breed Brussels Griffon, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Variety Brussels Griffon dog conformation characteristics are strongly reminiscent of the representatives of the Belgian Griffon, yes indeed, the differences in the two small breeds.

The origin of the Brussels dog begins during the 19th century, in fact, when both were bred Belgian instances, and also in Belgium as their counterparts. Participated in the creation of the breed dog following lines: dwarf schnauzer direction, Pug, Yorkshire Terrier, Pinscher as well as having a medium sized body.

Let us consider in more detail the characteristics of exterior dogs. Since both breeds Griffons are very similar in appearance, of Brussels can be discerned by their unusual colorings wool cover if their counterparts found in solid black color or with different shading variations of brown hues, then presented varieties suit the contrary – have cream-colored palettes. Hairs quite hard, a little like a miniature wire. The breed dogs meet, has a delicate spots on the beard and mustache, mostly black. According to a large extent, the presence of the antennae and the barbs are particularly unique Brussels Griffon, giving them a funny look. The average pet has a weight of about 3 kg, most large dogs have reached the maximum weight of 5 kg. In addition, a variety of features include the presence of a dapper unusual posture, as well as an interesting expression faces with inherent human traits.

Specific manners of these animals differ curious, positive and peaceful. Pets are very mobile and energetic. Always welcoming of strangers, trying to make a good first impression. Parts of all women acquire Griffons, because they have a delicate and elegant appearance. As pet owners of Brussels faithfully serve, quickly attached to them and follow all the masters. The education of the animals is very obedient and dutiful. Particularly strong love to play, great restless and constantly bustling.

Used in a variety of indoor and decorative direction. In addition to the beautiful appearance, shaggy pets are loyal and devoted friends, sincere companions, and as exterior features are very tender, of Brussels considered ladies’ dogs. Furthermore, animals are widely popular and spread, and their number is gradually increasing. Having such a tiny companion to the beautiful half of humanity – a great honor and pride, so the dogs are ideal as a gift for the ladies. By a rare dog breeds are not.

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