Artois Hound dog breed

Photos, description breed dogs Artois Hound, characteristic for cultivation and maintenance

Photos, description breed dogs Artois Hound, characteristic for cultivation and maintenance

Representatives Artois Hound dogs are often compared with dogs Artesian-Norman hound breed, but if better to explore all the characteristics of the variety, you can find some differences that exist between them.

History Artois Hound species has its origins in the first half of the 15th century in the French territories. Originally the breed was bred for hunting trips to the hares or foxes. Founders represented canine line were instances of large flocks of holy Governor. At the time, we called all the participants of the pack – pikadskimi dogs. In the second half of the 19th century due to the fact that there are plenty of various crosses with other species, represented by a type of hounds I was on the verge of extinction. Then, for the restoration of the breed come from one of the groups of enthusiastic fans artuazskih dogs, which for several years trying to revive the fallen rock.

Consider the exterior features of presented dogs. The average pet has increasing from 55 cm to 65 cm. Externally, the animals have a medium-sized housing, but at the same time very strong dogs. The head portion is sufficiently large, neatly placed on his head drooping ears. There are breeds that have short back part, in which case they are somewhat different from the standard of Representatives and have not a square shape of the body (which is characteristic of the breed), and elongated. Abdominal part of a very trim, chest rounded and convex. On the limbs the relief well is allocated, they are put in parallel to each other. The tail section is longer than it is, therefore, begins with the tail still spinal area. Wool cover often varies, so the suits are made of three different colors. Sami short hairs and pleasant to the touch and supple.

With regard to the specific customs dogs too friendly to the rocks, they clearly do not apply. All their habits and activities are balanced enough and premeditated. Parts of the whole dog show calm outwardly, but never know that pets actually conceived. Often become members of this breed for hunting trips, in which case it is worth remembering that the animals belong to Stein type, and one by one they will not work. On average, one pack is about seven members. Mainly for the pack of dogs pick one species, since it is easier to adapt and learn teamwork. Using Artois Hound as a pet is not recommended, as it is quite problematic. In addition, being in constant alone all their innate qualities are lost.

Talking about the application of these dogs, they have managed to maintain the high quality of the hunter, by the way, is one of the few breeds that are constantly working in the same direction, which indicates their experience and different abilities. As at the time of creation (early 15th century), and in our modern ideas of all kind has hunting abilities, as well as animal owners happy to accompany the hunt. In addition to small animals (foxes, rabbits), dogs are also able to hunt wild boars, deer and even deer.

Although, in the 19th century, a kind of revived again, and their number has been greatly increased, pets not very common and little known today. By rare dogs Artois Hound representatives do not belong, strictly speaking, as well as to the popular breeds.

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