Arezhsky Brakk, breed description

Photos, description breed dogs arezhsky Brakk, characteristic for cultivation and maintenance of the house

Photos, description breed dogs arezhsky Brakk, characteristic for cultivation and maintenance of the house

Various sources say another name provided by species, as arezhsky Brakk, arezhskaya setter, Artesia Norman Brakk de Toulouse.

Provenance begins on the territories of France, and it is in the small town of Ariege, where he engaged in breeding varieties represented. The breed name is also referred to the creation of area pets ( “arezhskaya”). While engaged in the breed in France, the dogs have a direct link with Italy and Spain. The fact that the following species-founders were used to create the data dogs: Italic Fuzz Fuzz and Spanish. Ariege campus located near the border with Italy, may therefore given the opportunity to bring these animals. In addition, there are other species of the ancestors, who also participated in the creation: the French Bracco and Bracco Saint-Germain. The exact period when engaged in breeding of the breed is not known virtually nothing. On the one hand it is clear the fact that the species is fairly old, but on the other hand there are only about the true origin of the guesswork. One thing is certain, many arezhskih cops portrayed in the paintings of French masters of 17-18 centuries.

Consider the appearance represented the breed. The average pet has increasing from 60 cm to 70 cm and weighs about 25 kg. In comparison with other facial features cops, arezhskie dogs larger and weigh considerably more. Limbs of medium size, in proportion to the body looks, they expressed much relief. Build a few massive and widespread. The tail is medium-sized dogs, but it adopted to stop about 10 cm or 15 cm. The colors of the coat are found mainly piebald, besides them there are white suit with red shades, red or in the park. Rather short hairs on the touch pretty tough but smooth.

Dogs tend to behave calmly in any, even the most unpleasant situations calmly, but, despite the steadiness, they are always very stubborn, and sometimes not even respond to the request of the owners. In order to train a pet requires a lot of patience, and you must start when the dog is still small, with a small age to accustom them to a specific behavior and restrictions. With proper education, these cops are loyal and devoted friends. Any guidance host pets comply unquestioningly.

Apply representatives arezhskoy all kinds of parts for hunting trips, where they perfectly manifest themselves. Breed is inherent in most endurance and patience, so that they are able to quickly adapt and acclimatize to the new location, which is why dogs and more used for their original direction. Despite the fact that the animals are sufficiently massive, they move gracefully and beautifully, while still fast.

Arezhskie cops actually stuck in limiting France, so for areas of the country they are little known. Perhaps because of this kind to date does not develop, as its size decreases with each passing day. This is directly says that dogs are rare and endangered species.

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