American Blue Gascony Hound Dog

Photos, description breed dog American Blue Gascony Hound, characteristic for cultivation at home

Photos, description breed dog American Blue Gascony Hound, characteristic for cultivation at home

Representatives of this breed is also called “big-and-blue” such a title is considered to be the other unofficial.

About all the details of the true origin of the American blue Gascon hound, little is known. Generally refers to a kind of a rare canine lines such as, what are their distant ancestors – the French Gascon hounds, they were regarded as true aristocrats and stands out among the many other species. Because of the French long-distance relationships, where genetics is being represented by species, dogs lauded as a very rare animal, in whose veins flows the noble blood. Derivation of species involved, please note, by chance, one of the many members of the hunting group. It is known that they were fans of the old beagle dogs of origin because they thought their characteristics much better than those possessed by the new breed. Hunters have noticed that, at that time almost extinct, species of American blue Gascon hound possesses extraordinary talent, as well as the excellent qualities of efficiency, and that prompted them to continue breeding the breed.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the species represented. Despite the fact that the ancestors of the species are represented by the French Gascon hounds, appearance of American pets is significantly different from their relatives. The main differences are in the more massive structure housing the American Blue Gascon hounds doggies, pet has an average growth of 75 cm to 85 cm and weighs about 50 kilograms. The head of the dog is fairly narrow, elongated ears to droop. Features animals are their dark eyes, they are very large, expressive, but their piercing eyes always seem sad. Pets are particularly riser body, they are very powerful and able-voiced bark. The colors of the coat is not a major importance, because the main thing is the prevalence of pets in their hunting skills. The colors represented species are either fully covered by dense black dots, or a suit alternate white and black lines. The main question is, why in the name of the breed is present a blue color. The fact is that if the watch dogs at a certain distance, it seems that they have a blue color of the coat with gray tints.

The characteristic disposition dogs differ fervently and enthusiastically. Pets prized hunting qualities, where they show all the advantages of intellectual abilities. Calling for hunting laid down rocks at the genetic level, when the true hunting dog feel the rush, keep them virtually impossible, therefore, to manage and control the animal is capable of not every owner. In dealing with people, American Blue Gascon hounds behave differently. For a pet you need to find a way, sometimes they can be unsociable and closed (especially during the first meetings with new personalities), but frequent and open, peace-loving puppies are able to make friends with the owner, his family and even friends. dogs Serve faithfully, trainable, although it is very difficult to fully domesticate these dogs.

The main application of pets is their true life’s passion – hunting. Hunting trips are considered to be the true direction of the rock, so he took with him to hunt a dog represented species, you will definitely achieve success in the final results. To execute certain actions, animals are able to pack or alone. Tracking production – the best thing for pets. Thanks to their care, they uchuyut most complicated and cold trail. In the process they may discover not only small animals, but also large as a cougar, bear or wild boar.

Buy American Pet blue Gascon hound capable of not every so often buy their true connoisseurs hounds species. For many years, it is a rare breed, because of what and valued accordingly.

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