Arezhua, breed of dog

Photos, description Arezhua dog breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description Arezhua dog breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Name arezhua also often replaced by a different name – arezhskie hounds.

Title species directly related to the place of breeding dogs, breeders established breed on the French territories in the vast Ariege County. In breeding breed participated diverse line of hounds. Also involved in the creation of the following varieties: Gascon hounds, Bloodhounds, dogs Artois and gubertovye dogs. Interestingly, you can see the features of all those who participated in the creation of varieties in arezhua representatives. The head of the shape and structure resembles a kind of Bloodhound, as well as the placement of the ears (although there are minor differences). The colors of the coat immediately remind Gascon representatives. But also manifest some differences in color, such as specks, rather than paint Gascons prints.

Let us turn to a more detailed inspection of exterior features arezhua. The average pet has increasing from 50 cm to 60 cm. Pets are light, massive chest and deep, and the limbs are medium in size, harmoniously look at the background of all the body, they can be traced relief. The head of the tiny dogs and elongated, dark color stands out the comb, and the occipital region can be seen a small hill. Eyes are expressive, oval-shaped, dark parts of the whole. Muzzle slightly flattened on the sides. On his head neatly placed long hanging ears. Wool cover different density and elasticity, do hairs are short and pleasant to the touch. The suits are found predominantly black colors.

Character dogs quiet and discreet. Pets characterized by obedience and diligence. For the training of representatives arezhua need to be patient and calm, it is best to start training at an early age. With the right upbringing as a reward the owner will receive the dedication and loyalty to your pet. Pets are demanding in content, therefore not suitable for living in a small city apartment or a house, because they require their own space.

Despite the fact that the withdrawal of a variety of dogs basics etching directions, their purpose is completely different from their ancestors. In general, livestock production to help the rut. Hunting dogs are on small animals like rabbits and foxes, as larger animals: deer, fallow deer and bulls.

Today the species is not considered to be a very popular and widespread. Acquire dogs are often on the French territory as outside the country to find arezhua difficult. Despite its small size, pets are not rare species.

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