Azawakh, breed of dog

Photos, description Azawakh dog breed, characteristic for cultivation and maintenance of the house

Photos, description Azawakh dog breed, characteristic for cultivation and maintenance of the house

It will focus on one of the most rare dog breeds, which differ from the usual dog lines own qualities of endurance. Historical facts assert that pets are azawakh desert, where he developed their resistance qualities, so often used as pets all true hunting assistants.

Provenance provided variety originates in the valley of the same name Azavakskoy territories (hence the title sounds like rock) that is located in the regions of Africa. Understand primitive dogs azawakh is virtually impossible, because the basic steps of creating a place quite a long time. Although the roots of the variety can not be found, one thing is certain, azawakh dog created himself alone, without any human intervention, and for a long time pets were so distant from humanity that does not know about the existence of people, as well as in other people We did not know about the existence of the species. After many centuries, to the representatives of the breed we stumbled Tuareg (ancient tribe that takes proper beginning of the land South of the Sahara). After finding valuable pets began to be used in hunting expeditions. In order to help in the hunt, you need to have certain qualities such as strength, agility, boldness, but most importantly – the ability to move very quickly, it is similar doggie dream hunters. Azawakh Breed possessed all the necessary qualities, moreover before those who acquired the representatives of the breed were considered sufficiently rich and prosperous owners, since the possibility was given not for everyone.

At the European territories that there are similar animals, learned only in the second half of the 20th century (the seventies of the year). From that time began the processes of breeding work, where the dogs were derived, are able to develop more speed, which has a high level of endurance and faithfully served the owners. Main developments carried out on French territory.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the species represented. Compared with conventional breeds azawakh growth differ, but as far as the massiveness of the Constitution, in this regard, animals like ordinary doggies. The average pet has increasing from 60 cm to 75 cm, and weighs from 15 kg to 25 kg. To distinguish dogs can use their original and unique colors of wool cover. To suit is specific saturated red color with the presence of neat white spots on the legs, the tip of the tail or the chest area.

Talking about how to behave, livestock owner, and what characteristic manners have, it seems that they are fast and very attached not only to the owner, but also to the entire family, but all the same in their behavior often shows some dissatisfaction and mistrust that due to their primitive desert existence. The behavior of the dogs, despite the fact that they are trying to domesticate, always independent, pets resolutely and willfully try to independently make all the decisions, so for those who dream of an obedient dog, it is better not to acquire Azawakh. A training process should start as early as possible is the only way, showing a lot of patience and perseverance, it is possible to achieve the set goals. It is worth noting that the independence and perseverance are the main features of the pets that are sent to them from generation to generation, so no matter how effective have not been training, innate characteristics always remain with them.

Since immediately after the detection of species represented by the people, they were used for hunting, in their minds it laid the foundations of the hunting business. Dogs excellent job of tracking down gazelles, and other similar miniature animals that live in Africa. Due to the fact that animals are quite bold, in addition to hunting they found another use – high-watchman or a faithful companion. Good doggie manifest themselves in competition with the various greyhound dogs. Variety, as before, has kept its own costs, as have the likes pets not everyone can. Azawakh love and appreciate, especially popular breed in the ranks of athletes.

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