Belgian Shepherd Malinois breed description

Photos, description breed dog Belgian Shepherd Malinois, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description breed dog Belgian Shepherd Malinois, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Various sources provided the official name of the Belgian Malinois dog breed is changed, so you can meet such a title as “Shepherd Malin.”

The origin of this subspecies Shepherd observed since the second half of the 19th century (1891) when on breeding dogs worked for the Belgian territory (which can be predicted by name). Studies on the creation were carried out at the popular Belgian veterinary school, using Haygebert brothers. In the course of various breeds were involved already existed at the time shepherds and other intermediate dog lines in the final results, which has worked on combining the product of the light sweet Belgian Malinois.

Exterior Features several depart from indigenous Belgians, because all dogs that displayed on the Belgian territory, have elegant shapes, but not submitted pets. Outside corresponds most instances of German Shepherds. The average pet has increasing from 55 cm to 65 cm and weighs about 25 kg. The colors of the coat quite original. The main color of red shades, but the tips of short hairs – dark, often black colors. Animal masks characterized by the presence of black color. There is also another kind of Shepherd Belgian origin (lakenua), pets are covered with a similar suit, and they may notice black spots on the body, both species are often combined, despite the fact that they have many differences.

Shepherds character differs from other steadiness. Dogs are also quite hardy. Will the dog aggressive, depends on initial education. Parts of all Belgian Malinois pet pose as guards. Through obedience and diligence animal owners are no barriers to training and dog faithfully perform even the most complex commands. As pets, Shepherd faithfully serve the entire family and peacefully relate to others.

The use of dogs of Belgian origin is in the performance, in fact, any work. Due to the quality of endurance, commitment, ability to learn quickly around, subtle intuition and genetic herding instincts – a kind considered universal. Especially do well with livestock grazing, with the task of guard also help in various investigations, searching for dangerous substances, things or people. In addition, the Belgians and the great guides of good friends. To support the good physical form doggies need regular exercise, walking and properly composed diet.

The popularity of the representatives of the Belgian Malinois is constantly increasing, so the dog does not belong to the rare species.

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