Basque Shepherd herding, breed description

Photos, description Basque shepherd dog breed shepherd, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description Basque shepherd dog breed shepherd, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Introduced a variety refers to the direction of shepherds dogs. Their title in the original language of the Basque reads as follows: “Euskal artsain tksakurra”.

The origins of the Basque shepherds begins on the territories of the northern part of Spain, but exactly when the breed was bred – is unknown. In the second half of the 20th century in this country, in provincial areas Gipuzkoa, competitions were held between representatives of the variety, which were very popular at that time. A few years ago, this breed was divided into two areas: gorbeiakoa and iletsua (you can hear a different name – “Lanas”). The first category of dogs is common in the mountainous part of the Gorbea (hence the name). Another group lives in one of the Spanish regions – Euskalerii. Despite the fact that data Shepherds puppies for centuries lived in the territories of Spain, the official recognition of the breed has reached only in the second half of the 20th century.

Consider the exterior features provided by pets. Exterior features of the dogs fully meet the standards of shepherds. Build powerful, muscular, and the body resembles the shape of a square. The tail is medium in size and hangs down. At the head of a highly placed small ears, like triangles, which are directed backwards. The limbs of dogs have an oval shape, on their hind legs is common to see one or two dewclaws. The average pet has increasing from 55 cm to 65 cm and weighs about 25 kg. Colours of coat is directly dependent on the direction of the dogs. Those who belong to iletsua have different fawn red suits and hairs rather rough and hard. Dogs directions gorbeiakoa inherent in fiery red color and the presence of a mask, often black hairs with long and silky.

Like most dogs, the breed of Basque shepherds has devoted characteristic manners. In addition, dogs have a sense of ownership, that is, they definitely have their own territory. Getting used to the owners, dogs are excellent pets to the peaceful sentiments, can not be said about them the appearance on the horizon of strangers. Foster recommended that animals from an early age, they are very dutiful and obedient.

Dogs are unsurpassed guards, as they are often one and use. Among other things, also involve pupils or assistants as a guide in the search for illegal hazardous substances. The original use of species was to herding duties, so to perform the duties of the shepherd them there is no need to study, because it is inherent in their genetic level.

Wide spread outside their home country – Spain, the breed is not reached, so enjoy the Basque Shepherd popular only within the country. Despite this, the number of pets is sufficiently large, because of which the dogs do not relate to rare species.

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