Bernese Mountain Dog, dog breed description

Photos, description dog breed Bernese Mountain Dog, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description dog breed Bernese Mountain Dog, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

In addition to the official name of dog breed Bernese Mountain Dog, from various sources also use other titles for the breed: Alpine mountain dog and Bernese Shepherd. The main varieties are represented by the placement of the Russian Federation, as doggie quite unpretentious to the conditions of detention and the climate that has led to why pets and loved by Russians. Jaru dog practically can not tolerate, and do not require specific habitat.

Despite the great popularity in Russia, originally bred species was introduced in the territories of Rome, and later, together with the legionnaires, the animals were imported into Switzerland. Let us examine the value of the main title of the canine line. Translated from the German word “Hund” means “dog”, and the other part of the title – “zenne” dialect, which were dogs, translated as “Alpine meadow in the foothill areas.” In addition, part word “zenne” influenced the creation of another name – alpine mountain.

Consider the exterior data provided variety. Exterior features Bernese Mountain Dog, stand out among the other beautiful relief body design, power and the massive size of the body. The average pet has increasing from 65 cm to 75 cm and weight in this case is approximately 70 kg. Note: These measurements are the maximum, but in the rock, they can vary significantly. The head part of a rather large, neatly placed on his head a triangular shaped ears, and a beautiful and expressive eyes inherent black color, which is very beautiful shine. The tail and ears are completely covered with long hairs and straight. Wool cover Bernese dogs unusually beautiful, breed characterized by unusual color saturated black with shiny transfusions, like antartsitovogo stone. The chest can be seen in white spots, are the same as at the tips and legs ponytail. Furthermore, variations inherent white muzzle.

Specific manners of data on dogs are largely in their intellectual abilities, they are fairly quiet, fairly balanced, and have a demonstrative sangvinizmom. As pets, animals faithfully serve their owners, listen carefully and remember all the instructions and be trained enough executive. In addition, dogs are very hardy, undemanding to the conditions of detention. If those who tamed pet represented breed shepherd dogs are friendly, that strangers may show aggression. Almost all the traits depend on education and the environment.

Bernese Mountain Dog is considered one of the best areas of shepherd dogs. For example, in Switzerland the true leaders among animals other existing shepherd dogs there. Also genetically inherent herding instincts, the species may also serve as detectives, as purposefully can search for hazardous substances, intruders, and chase criminals. Appreciate pets both experienced watchdogs. In various situations, Bernese Shepherd prove their loyalty and protect the owners from all sorts of dangers, even at the cost of his own life.

Variety Bernese Mountain Dog is not a rare species. Today their numbers greatly increased, and pets are gaining more and more popularity.

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