South African Boerboel, description of dog breeds

Photos, description dog breed South African boerboel, characteristic for home maintenance and breeding

Photos, description dog breed South African boerboel, characteristic for home maintenance and breeding

Representatives of the South African dog breed dogs are considered very brave and have an unrivaled flair. Growing up under the clear leadership of the owner, pets much closer together and get used to the owners, so after all feel that the owners are going through, as well as rumors that dogs perform certain actions may, just by looking at a person’s eyes. Some even joke saying that dogs are able to read the thoughts, though, surely know this is impossible.

This breed is known for its ancient history of origin. When it was formed instances of dogs – it is unknown. Their millennial existence is confirmed by old paintings and rock art, which depicted the master of animals, which corresponded to the exterior conformation characteristics presented dogs. Such pupils enjoyed wide popularity in the territories of ancient Egypt and Assyria, in addition, awarded Barbula wearing real armor. Several representatives of the breed also included Alexander the Great, as he is known to be well versed in animals. Earlier pets were used as warriors, hunters, bodyguards and faithful friends. There are dogs become because of their brave battles with the lions, when they showed fighting qualities of these winners, and thanks to their dedication often superior to many other animals.

Consider the external characteristics of the variety provided. Dogs differ in body capacity, muscular physique and sufficiently proportioned, strong bone system and the wool cover is very smooth. The head of the pupils wide, her poorly visible transition line to the frontal area or muzzle. Clearly visible to the jaw, it is massive and visible a few loose upper lip. Eyes round, in all parts of the dark, but it depends on the coat color. The suits are found mainly different brown shades: light red, yellow, or reddish fiery palette. The most rare brindle or fawn color. The shoulders are very wide, even a little higher than waist size. The chest is broad and relief. The tail is of medium size, but always stopped by because uncropped individual marriage. The average pet has increasing from 60 cm to 70 cm, weighs about 30 kg.

South African Boerboel highly developed and obedient pets. They are so accustomed and attached to their owners, in the case of danger for them may give their own lives, that shows their unmatched dedication. In addition to reliability, it can also be no doubt in their fearlessness, because dogs are allocated a special courage. Previously animals were somewhat aggressive, but nowadays excessive aggression they do not show, but everything depends on upbringing. Especially famous for their variety of flair, they very much feel all the emotions and feelings, so loyal pets will try every effort to help with something in case of problems.

The application submitted by animals mainly is excellent hunting qualities, good guard dog and bodyguards. In addition, increasingly acquire dogs for home detention because they are true friends and never throw beloved master in trouble.

If before the spread of the breed captured mainly European countries, then eventually pushed their representatives Hound and mastiffs, so purebred specimens found there almost impossible, but not so on the South American territories, which imported dogs in the first half of the 15th century. Despite the existence of an ancient species, dogs, as before, are very popular. For rare species do not belong.

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